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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Stracathro, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. GJG

    GJG Well-Known Member

    "Dear Mr. Bank Manager,
    I'm sorry, but I will be unable to make my mortgage repayment this month due to my having been invited to perform at the Olympics for no fee. Perhaps you would be so good as to accept this envelope full of prestige in lieu ... ? "
  2. Ianroberts

    Ianroberts Well-Known Member

    How much does being a Drama queen pay now a days ?
  3. Stracathro

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    "Dear Seb Coe, Thank-you for your invitation to perform at the Olympic Opening Ceremony. Unfortunately, it is not feasible for our band to attend due to the cost involved and so we regret that we will have to politely decline. We know that you are not paying any musical groups to perform so no hard feelings. Yours etc."

    As I said before, I only see a problem here if some are being paid and others not. I don't think there is going to be a precedent set but I understand the concern of those who fear there might be. For instance, for other major sporting events etc. I simply think that the Olympic Opening Ceremony is so unique an event that nothing can compare. Also, though you dismiss it, the band probably will earn more in the long run via the extra exposure. How much less $$$ do you think Grimey would have raked in over the last 20 years if it weren't for Brassed Off (and yes I'm sure the band got paid for appearing in the film!). In that context, it works as a business decision.
  4. DRW

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    I disagree. Presumably all parties will attend on terms that they have agreed to. For any purchaser / seller relationship, both parties have the option to refuse the terms offered. Whether or not those terms are consistent across contracts is irrelevant.

    Linked with comments from fatcontroler, musicians are not immune from market forces. Unfortunately for the professionals, they are in an industry where there is possibly unparalleled competition from amateurs.
  5. GJG

    GJG Well-Known Member

    No drama involved; just making the point that for a working musician, prestige doesn't pay the bills ...
  6. Space Cowboy

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    I did wonder about this band too and why when the Military and the BBC are the largest employers of professional musicians in the country do they actually need anyone else at extra cost.
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  7. Ianroberts

    Ianroberts Well-Known Member

    thanks for clearing that up !
  8. DRW

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    But there's no reason why it couldn't help. Cadbury's, McDonalds, Coke etc. are paying to take part for the prestige and business benefits.
  9. Stracathro

    Stracathro Member

    Ok, lets look at a quick scenario: An event asks your band to attend for free but with the promise that the free advertising generated will vastly excede any fee that may have usually been payable. You therefore have two choices.

    1) Do your sums and if you agree that the long term return outweighs the short term loss sign on the dotted line.

    2) Whilst accepting premise of '1)' you feel that the precedent you set by playing for free will actually harm your income in future and/or negatively affect other bands even if you do yourself benefit.

    My argument is that the Olympics is unique and therefore '1)' is justifiable. I completely undertand the counter position but feel that it might be overly cautious. Also, with regard to the effect on other bands, worldwide exposure of brass bands is surely good for eveyone in the long term.
  10. GJG

    GJG Well-Known Member

    Don't disagree with any of that, from the perspective of an "amateur" brass band. However the discussion seems to have become twisted and slightly misdirected; when I made my original points several pages back, it seemed to me that some people were objecting to professional musicians expecting to be paid for performing.
  11. Stracathro

    Stracathro Member

    Then, as I think you said earlier, it's a business decision.

    If the approach is, 'we would like to hire you. . .oh but by the way we're not going to pay you,' that's different from, 'we were wondering if you might like to enter into a mutually beneficial partnership with us'.

    I suppose it's a question of the nature of 'pay' and whether it has to be direct or indirect. If professionals think they will earn more money long term from an engagment then it's not unreasonable for them to agree. But they would be well within their rights to say no, especially if the approach more resembled the first example above and not the second. Again, I don't think the dangerous precedent argument works even for professionals in this case due to the uniqueness of the event.
  12. James Yelland

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    I wonder what Grimethorpe's big announcement is going to be about?
  13. Ianroberts

    Ianroberts Well-Known Member

    That they aint doing the Olympic opening Ceremony !!
  14. Stracathro

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  15. IanHeard

    IanHeard Member

    ...or perhaps.

    Dear Mr Bank Manager,
    I`m sorry, but I will unable to make my mortgage repayment this month owing to me making a sh*te career choice. Like a gullible fool I `ve been spat out of music college hoping that I was entering a well paid profession with people queueing up to employ me. In reality my profession is hopelessly over subcribed with excellent musicians all chasing a relatively miniscule number of low paid jobs.
    Perhaps you can wait till I re-train as a music teacher or join the military as a musician and kid myself that I`m still a "pro", before my next payment.
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  17. DRW

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    Tumbleweed ;)
  18. kennywenny

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    Speechless :-/
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  20. Ianroberts

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    thats it then, Grimethorpe will be sat down at the ceremony (free of charge), miming to Dyke recorded 3 weeks earlier and paid a fortune !!

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