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  1. Blades4Ever

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    Maybe they have recruited 5 women into the ranks! :)
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    "The world famous Grimethorpe Colliery band have been chosen to play at the London Olympics 2012 opening ceremony.An estimated billion people across the world are expected to tune in to watch the ceremony on July 27, which is the brainchild of Oscar-winning film director Danny BoyleFormed in 1917, the Grimethorpe Colliery brass band, earned nationwide recognition as the inspiration for the 1995 film Brassed Off, featuring Ewan McGregor, which followed the struggles of a fictional colliery band, Grimley, after the village pit had been closed down.Grimethorpe have already chalked up memorable performances at the Carnegie Hall in New York and Sydney Opera House. Now they are set for a forgettable stint at the Olympics."this is from some Yorkshire paper after a 2 second google search. I'm really hoping there is some more exciting news than this to justify all the secrecy and 4br hype. Maybe this will continue the good work done for the image of brass bands in Brassed Off by featuring the conductor cycling to rehearsal in uniform, or a live ferret race while they play the Floral dance or William tell. I would like to see a man kept in a box and subjected to 20 performances of the same piece (which is ether too hard, too easy, or boring) before being vilified as a deaf old idiot for a few weeks on-line as a fair representation of our nations finest amateur musical movement - but I don't suppose the opening ceremony will be long enough for this!
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    If they need a dep I only live about 10 minutes away :mad:
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    They are competing in the Marathon as a group while performing William Tell throughout the race!!!
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    Do the Daily Telegraph know what brass banders are?????
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    In that case I withdraw my offer!
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    Perhaps just one important one !

    ~ Mr Wilx (Speculating)
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  9. James Yelland

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    Well spotted sir, and well done to the Barnsley News. The report is dated 25th June, two full weeks before the 4BR report. But then, Grimethorpe have taken a bit of stick from various people in the 4BR letters column in recent times, so I can understand it if the band chose to favour a local rag over the band press in announcing this news.

    The 4BR report carries an image of an Abbey Road roadsign. I do hope they haven't been sold a pup....
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    I wonder what their fee is for this gig!!!!!!
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    Brilliant - I doff my cap sir....
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    And joe bloggs still wont notice the difference in quality between Grimethorp and the local comprehensives band !

    good luck to them though.
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    Wonder whats on the programme:- Florentiner, Londonderry Air, McArthur Park, Death or Glory .....................??
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    not any more!
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    If this is true, could it be that they will be sat somewhere in Danny Boyle's 'Green and Pleasant land' set representing 'it's grim up north' and total exposure will be limited to around two or three seconds as the cameraman pans past, frantically trying to get everybody taking part in the pagent on screen?
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    Maybe a recording deal with a big label to do a double cd entitled "Brassed off meets Hogarth Lear".
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    Of course there are no paid players in the band movement ... never have been ... if you say so! ;O)

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