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    Athies, Pas de Calais, France
    Gretton Silver have just returned from a busy but fulfilling weekend in Droué (Loir-et-Cher) in France. The trip came about through the twinning arrangements between Droué and Rothwell. Gretton has strong links with Rothwell, playing for the Charter Fair blessing and many members turning up at 6am each year for the proclamation.
    In the 2 days they were resident in France the band played 3 concerts featuring many different items of British Brass Band music and some French pieces. The audiences were very appreciative and interested in the music prepared for them. Being in France there were many speeches and much food and drink. Everybody enjoyed the trip and are looking forward to welcoming the Droué band in 2011.
    It's back to rehearsal tonight with a lot of new music as the band build towards their next musical target.

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