Gresley Old Hall Band Junior Solo Contest

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    On Thursday Evening 22nd September the Gresley Old Hall Band held there annual Junior&Intermediate Solo Contest at Gresley Old Hall.
    There were two sections Under 12's and 12 and over.
    In the under 12's, 11 Boys &Girls played to a very high standard and the Senior Bands Bandmaster Chris Smith had a very difficult task in finding the first 3, he said that senior bands members had better look out if that what the standard was!!
    In the Intermediate Class a toal of 4 played once again the playing was high quality.
    The prizes were presented by the Bands President Des Boddice(Father Of Nigel Boddice) and the bands Chairman Ron Clay.
    All the winners recived a small shield and those unlucky not to gain a prize recived a medal for playing .
    There was also a award for the most improved Junior Band Member over the last 12 months this went to 12 year old Ryan Hopkins who plays Solo Horn in The Junior Band.
    The Results were as follows;

    Junior Section
    1st Eve Bardnam 91 points
    2nd Ashley Hubbard 90 points
    3rd Samantha Green 89 points

    Interrmediate section

    1st Leila Holman 82 points
    2ndRichard Kirkby 81 points
    3rd Matthew Kirkby 80 Points

    Thank You
    Ian Perks
    Gresley Old Hall
    Publicity Officer

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