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    The Gresley Colliery Band held their annual Solo Contest on Thursday Evening 19th October for there junior and youth members of the band.

    It was in two sections 5-11 years old and 12-15 years old with a total of 14 taking part. It proved to be a very good contest in both sections with some very highly rated performances given which gave Chris Smith(Bandmaster Gresley Colliery Band) a difficult time to find the first 3 in each section as the playing standard was so high.

    The youngest performer was Chelsea Hopkins who is just aged 5, and has only been playing for 6 months. She played a very commedable performance of "God Save The Queen" and got the biggest round of applause all night from the members of the audience.

    The prizes were presented by President of the band, Des Boddice and the results were as follows:

    Section 5-11
    1;Ashley Hubbard (Cornet) 90 points
    2;Dale Hopkins (Horn) 89 points
    3;Matthew Hubbard(Trombone) 88 points

    Section 12-15
    1;Louisa Southgate(Cornet) 88 points
    2;Luke Pelech(Cornet) 87 points
    3;Eve Bradnam(Flugel) 86 points

    There was also an award for ther most improved member of the junior band over the 12 month period - and this went to: Ashley Hubbard

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