Greg Black 1 3/8G and Bach 1 1/4GM

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    Hi all,

    I've a couple of mouthpieces for sale which I bought when trialing different ones.

    Bach 1 1/4GM Like new. Not heavy cup version. Retail at £62.40. £50 posted.

    Greg Black 1 3/8G. Brand new, tried once, includes original packaging. Retail around £150. £120 posted.

    Message me with any interest! Both are fantastic mouthpieces, and are of a size i'd recommend trying! I used my other 1 1/4GM with band, and it makes a hell of a noise. The Greg Black is the comfiest mouthpiece i've tried. I've now settled on a Griego 2 though, and these are surplus.

    Cheers all! Best wishes,