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    After many months of lurking and listening I am saying hello. I have been following the various threads on the declining state of banding, and also the threads on 3rd row cornet and ambitions.

    Perhaps I need a smiley for fanfare here :biggrin: before my announcment: I have recently started in banding! I am not a late returner but a mature learner (=mid-life crisis).

    On a whim I bought a cheap import trumpet and taught myself a couple of scale worth of notes before acquiring 30y old cornet. I had the opportunity of sitting in to "help" in a children's music centre and from that was invited to sit in the back row at a local contesting-band.

    As a (so far) self-taught adult learner I have learnt to play by memory much better than my sight-reading, and this is a major handicap at band rehearsal. I can also only make one rehearsal a week due to child care. I was up front with the MD and suggested I would turn-up until he asked me not to (and no hard feelings if he did).

    The whole band have been incredibily welcoming despite my obvious limitations, and even have a pad with my name on! If this band is typical of the banding movement then I can only sing praise.

    Sorry for long post but I'm a convert!
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    Welcome Psycho't :D
    Keep practising and you may manage 4 correct notes in a row :wink:
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    Practising is easy to find time for when it is the most relaxing thing you can do all week :D, unfortunately I just realise how slowly I learn now!

    I feel like Eric Morcombe (directed to Andre Previn): "I'm playing all the right notes... just not necessarily in the right order"
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    Welcome to banding P'sych. Like you I started late. I was 35 when I walked into the bandroom and was given a piece of paper with the fingering for the C scale. I sat in with the juniors and just learnt as I went. Now another 35 years later I'm still loving it and so far they have'nt asked me to leave.
    You will find all sorts of lovely people in the banding world and hopefully have a grand hobby for life.
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    Allo there and welcome to tMP :hi

    I hope joining tMP helps you manage to increase the number of correct notes in a row you obtain... :)