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  1. ben_walker446

    ben_walker446 New Member

    Hey everyone. Just thought I would say a quick hello.

    My name is Ben Walker, I am 16 and live in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire. I started my musical life on recorder just like most people at the age of 6. After lots of persuading my parents decided to let me have piano lessons aged 8. At the age of 10 I wanted to take up another instrument, the saxophone, but the school would not let me and as an alternative the offered me the flute, clarinet, or a brass instrument..not wanting to be like the hundreds of 10 year olds who play the clarinet I chose a brass instrument and that turned out to be the trombone.
    A year later I started on the clarinet and played it for three years before switching to saxophone. Still I continue to play all 4 instruments at a reasonable level. Unfortunately trombone was always neglected, mainly due to a dislike of the teacher. Though after many years with the same teacher I suddenly came to enjoy lessons, trombone playing and even started to get on with her. Since that breakthrough my trombone playing has come on leaps and bounds. I play trombone in various groups and bands including the school brass band and orchestra, the local area brass band and concert band, the regional brass band and sometimes concert band and orchestra. And most recently I joined a contesting band, Barnton Silver Band on Solo Trombone. I have dabbled a little on Euphonium but nothing serious. I am about grade 6 trombone and about grade 4/5 euphonium. I'd like to try out more brass instruments, in particular Flugel horn.

    And that is about it :)

  2. SuperMosh

    SuperMosh New Member

    Hiya mate. I don't usually say hello in these threads but noticed you were from Stoke on Trent so you're local-ish!

    Welcome to tMP and all that!
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