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    Hi all,

    I picked up playing a brass instrument again two years ago after 30 years or so of abscence. Needless to say, the learning curve has been steep, but I thoroughly enjoy playing. I started in a small community band after a summer of intense practising, and after a year I switched to my current band, Alvøens Musikkforening. This is a concert band consisting mainly of adult musicians.

    In the school band where I played decades ago, I had an instrument called "tenor horn" (might have been a baritone), so it was natural for me to start on a euphonium. In the beginning, the euph felt a bit big for me to handle, so I switched to a baritone (bought on eBay from the UK, actually), but last fall I was given an old Sovereign which I believe was accidentally found in a remote corner of the instrument storage room. It's worn and dented and the valves are noisy (metal valve guides really s*cks), an the intonation is outrageous in the well known areas, but still - I love the sound. (Fortunately, so does the other band members.) So very soon the old Sov is going back to the storage room (or maybe handed over to somebody else), and I will be basking in the glow of a Prestige 2052. Big guys need big instruments, is my motto, and I really think the Prestige and me will become good friends.

    I have done some studying with the renowned euph soloist Tormod Flaten, and are currently taking lessons with Sindre Dalhaug, trombonist and euphonist in the Norwegian Army Band (Bergen). This has been really helpful, and has given me great motivation and encouragment.

    The fall and winter months will be extremely busy, with lots of seminars, concerts and a major competition, and I guess the spring and early summer will be active as well.

    As for the more personal details, I am married, three kids (12, 16, 18 ) and work as an information adviser at Vital Forsikring, Norway's largest privately owned life and pension insurance company. Vital Forsikring is wholly owned by DnB NOR ASA, the largest financial services group in Norway. I also do a bit of martial arts, and can warmly recommend the combination of band playing and karate, even if it's not the most common. (I would strongly advise against doing both things simultaneously, though.)

    Looking forward to keeping in touch with you all, as you know, the bonds between the western parts of Norway and the UK are strong and go way back, even though my ancestors visiting Britain might have behaved a bit more undisciplined than we tend to do nowadays.

    Kind regards from Bergen, Norway

    Ole Irgens
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    Hi Ole ;)

    Good to hear a litle of your background, and we'll look forward to seeing how you get on with your new instrument in the coming months. I'm sure if you get round to visiting us you'll get a warmer welcome than those ancestors you refer to!
  3. Yeah - good luck with the new instrument.

    Maybe you should read the "moving to a bigger instrument" thread.

    Bye for now