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    Hello and thanks for looking on my intro! I will try not to make it too boring.

    My name is Katy, I am 15 and I live in Auchterarder in sunny Scotland! I play euph, trombone and bass trombone, though I started on trumpet 6 and a bit years ago. After a couple of years of that and flugel I was onto euph and trom and occasionally EEb bass if it's very desperately needed.

    I play with Perthshire Brass (band of class). :biggrin: We're in the middle of the 3rd section at the moment after coming 7th at the Scottish this year.
    I play bass trombone in PB, 2nd trombone in Perth Youth Orchestra, euphonium in my school windband and brass band and in Perth & Kinross Senior Schools Brass Band, bass trombone in Perth & Kinross big band, trombone in 4's A Crowd brass quartet, and I have applied for NYBBS this year which is very exciting!

    As you can see I love to do as much musical stuff as I can volunteer for! Thanks to my playing I have travelled to France, Estonia, and, in 2 days time, Czech Republic. Banding is great!

    My other hobbies are writing (see the tMP Soap :) ), reading, badminton, cycling and socialising.

    Joining tMP has been brilliant as it has opened my eyes to the world of banding. As I only started banding in Dec 2002, and joined tMP Feb 2003, it has been with me almost all through my banding life and it is thanks to tMP that I have found about lots of things about music and banding. I get very excited about the future when I think of all the cool people I have yet to meet, the contests to go to, and the pieces to play! One day I would love to go to a tMP event when i am a bit older and when there is one near me.

    During my time on tMP I have written a soap, been a BOC Bro housemate, and been generally very groovy in every way.:cool:

    I hope you have loads of fun here - the people are all fantastic!

    Groovy x x x x
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    Hey Katy... glad to have you on here... hope you're enjoying it. Gotta get that soap up again eh :hi
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    I think you're colours are still prettyful. ;)

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