Greater Gwent Youth Music Festival

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  1. NeilK

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    Congratulations to Flowers Youth Band for their 1st Place in the 1st section at the Greater Gwent Youth Band Festival. Only the 2nd contest we have entered since the band started just under 2 years ago.

    The bands had a difficult few months with disrupted rehearsals through poor weather so are delighted with the result. Thankyou to everyone for their efforts.

    Many thanks to our conductor Tom Davoren for the new piece he composed especially for the contest "Get up! Go!". A briliiant piece to celebrate our return visit to Crosskeys.

    Lets hope we can repeat the result at the GBBA contest next week.
  2. dave aston

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    go go go !!!

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    Well done Newport Borough Training Band. The youngsters did themselves and the Band proud taking to the stage at the Crosskeys Youth Brass Band Festival 2010 for their debut contest performance, this only after 12 months work and starting absolutely from scratch. Adjudicator, Richard Evans's comments about the Band were constructive and very complementary. This is surely down to hard work from the young players and skill and dedication from their Musical Director Kate James.

    John Bray
    Secretary Newport Borough Brass Band

    PS we are looking for young players to build on this see our website for cont.. details
  4. jim

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    Well done to the young Flowers, up the flahs!!
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