Greater Gwent Youth Brass Band Festival - Results

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    Another contest, Sorry Festival!! and once again a little controversy, well this is Brass.


    1st Swindon School of Brass Youth
    2nd Lydbrook Training
    3rd Mid Rhondda Juniors
    4th Abergavenny Youth
    5thNorthop Youth
    6th Chepstow Town

    Best soloist Mid Rhondda cornet

    A long day with a number of band appearing to go over the 20 minute playing time.
    Swindon were the only band not to feature a soloist,anyone know why??(and won) . All the other bands played soloist who, looked like youth players, some overstreched these players a little too much, others played to a standard many senior players would be proud of - in particular the winner on cornet from Mid rhondda, Euphonium and Tenor Horn from Abergavenny and xyelophone from Chepstow. the latter two players did so without music. Always an impressive fact!

    The only loosers on the day were the audiences numb rear ends.School plastic chairs, cushions next year please!!

    Bands please remember this is a youth contest (Festival) should you really have the adults playing the solo parts? the band that did this; you know who you are, should you question your finnishing position.

    Just like the adjudicatiob this is one mans opinion, not meant to offend but simply to point out several issues raised by a cross section there today.
  2. MAW

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    Greater Gwent Youth Brass Band Festival

    results of the 2nd section

    1st - Newport Borough
    2nd - Usk Youth
    3rd - Bassaleg School Band
    4th - Cmwtawe District Youth
    5th - Pontraddulais Youth
    6th - Caerleon Comprehensive School Band

    soloist prize - Bass player from Caerleon Comprehensive School Band


    winner of the Con Buckley Memorial Trophy for the Conductor of ther Year

    Mike Davies - Newport Borough
  3. tam-tam2

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    Well done to Bassaleg School Band who were conducted by my big sister. I also made an appearance on 4th 3rd cornet for Rogerstone which was nice....but I didn't play any solo!! Further to earlier remarks.....the 'contest' is a Youth Band Festival and not a competition and is there to provide a venue for young and aspiring brass players to play to a wider audience from the stage. Looking at the age of some of the competitors it would have been the first time they had played to an audience and surely giving them this valuable experience is much more important than making comments about the results!! Afterall, it doesn't matter what position the youngsters came they were all winners only had to see the look on their parents' faces to see that.:clap: :clap:
  4. Kiz7

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    I was unable to be there yesterday but had a number of students participating in different bands and as I understand it BOTH of the top two bands had extremely talented adult players playing solo lines/positions (one was an ex-Sun life band principal cornetist and one was a current first section principal euphoniumist). I had got a real conundrum regarding this - my bandsman side of me screamed "not fair or in the spirit of banding" yet my teacher side of me said "hang on - they may be the difference between these bands being able to particiapte or not participate and it would be worse to deny all the youngsters in these bands the opportunity to gain some valuable experience".

    Also, I think the rules allow all bands to field up to six adult players anyway its so it is the same for everyone. I guess, then I just about agree with adults taking part, although it will be interesting to see what effect it has on the bands concerned the first time they have to compete without the adults and don't necessarily come in the prizes. It could be extremely demoralising for the youngsters.

    EDITED because I have got dyslexic fingers!
  5. Thegroupies

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    As you so rightly state, each band is allowed to play six adult players, and as you say Kiz7 this enables bands to enter who perhaps would otherwise be unable to, this rule is not inplace to enable the adults to play the solo lines.

    Which is why it is an open adjudication, the adjundicator can see as well as hear who is playing.

    It is my understanding that the rule also state each programme should contain at least one solo performance.(by a youth player)

    Perhaps if we get it right as this level, less controvesy will ensue further up the line.

    Allwho partisipate should be proud, but some deservedly more than others. Allowing their young players to shine, and not take second place to the senior players, they give them the opportunity to experience a competitive senario.
  6. Kiz7

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    if it is open adjudication then presumably the adjudicator could ,as you say thegroupies, see who is playing the solo lines and if he/she felt that it was inappropriate for an adult to be that person then they could have remarked upon it during summing up (if they have they opportunity) or on the remarks sheet. (if they felt very strongly then they could have shown that by not placing the bands who did it). Does anyone know whether the adjudicator(s) did any of this?

    Also, it could be argued that these young players are getting a real feeling of what competing is like - don't brass bands put the best players on the solo lines all the time and even rewrite parts for other "better" solo players for competitions? I would have thought that there is currently quite a lot of rewriting and moving of parts (particularly from back row cornets to front row cornets and such) going on in bandroom's up and down the country right now with the Area only a month or so away! At least the kids who may have found themselves having a "better" adult playing the part at Gwent now know how it feels to have your favourite bit taken away from you and given to someone else after spending ages practicing it! Welcome to the banding world!
  7. dyl

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    A bit of a contradiction there Tim! ;)

    I don't get this I'm afraid - if it's a Festival and not a competition, why get an adjudicator and place the bands in order from 1 to 6? :confused:
  8. stotty74

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    With all this fuss about adult players, we should look at the rules for the Festival, which are very specific. Not got them in front of me, but i believe they are along the lines of...

    'six adult tutors allowed to play with each band, including one adult on percussion' and 'no adult must play a solo/duet/trio line...'

    As i say, can't remember the exact wording, but they are very specific about this. If a young person can't play a solo in the piece, then maybe the music is too hard and should be replaced by an easier piece of music? Don't most bands do this?

    One of our tutors plays solo horn in our senior band, and one of the pieces i chose included a very demanding solo line which i wanted my solo horn player to attempt. Now although she didn't get the high notes, she performed really well. If i had wanted to, i could have asked the tutor to play the solo perfectly, but i wanted her to have a go.

    This was the first time we had participated, and we are already making plans to attend again next year. We were a little disappointed with the results, as i chose a comparatively difficult programme to some of the bands that played (i have learnt for next time though - maybe i should include 'Pirates...;-) ) and their best performance was definately left at home, but the band really enjoyed it. It was great to see so many Youth Bands attending - i didn't realise there were so many in that part of the country. It was also great to see an almost full hall for our performance. We had been drawn number 1 in Section 1, and had travelled a long way in the morning to get there, so seeing so many people was really encouraging.

    Hope everyone enjoyed themselves (isn't that what it was all about after all) and we're looking forward to next year.
  9. Kiz7

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    Well done to you and your band - young players can only improve if given the opportunity to try so I am sure that asking the young horn plyer to have a go at the solo line was absolutely the right thing to do. Just a thought - would she have felt confident enough to have a go at it without the knoweldege that a tutor was alongside her to support her through it? I do think that that is exactly why tutor's should be allowed to play with youth bands.
    Anyway, well done!
  10. tam-tam2

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    Well spotted Dyl, obviously didn't read through the post before I put it up. Years ago the contest was given points and places from 1 to whatever. As the standard of bands differed greatly even with the given sections I think a move was made to hopefully cut out any demroralisation that may have gone after the contest when a band may have done quite badly. It is all a bit of a mystery and I think some of the rules are going to be closely looked at before next years 'Festival'.
  11. TheMusicMan

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    Great to see you here again posting Tim... I didn't get to attend the festival but I hear and read that all went very well. I must try to get there next time.
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    Having played in this 'FESTIVAL' for too many years now i can honestly say i dont enjoy bar...

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