Great Western Youth Joint forces with the Grenadier Guards

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  1. Jasonp

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    The Great Western Youth Band and the Brass Ensemble of the Band of the Grenadier Guards will be giving a concert, free of charge at,

    Christ Church,
    Old Town,
    SN1 3HG,

    Starting at 7pm.

    Free admission tickets from
  2. HorniKaz

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    When is it Jason????? :tongue:
  3. Jasonp

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    D'oh!! :oops:

    The concert is on Saturday 18th November 2006.

    Should be a good gig.
  4. Growler

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    Thanks for putting the word out Jason, look forward to playing with you on the 18th!

    If anyones in the area, and even if you're not, come along and have a listen, its our inaugural concert so help us make it a success!

    JAATMON New Member

    It's going to be a great concert and free too!! Four bands playing a wide range of music - There has been nothing like this in Swindon for quite some time. Come and support youth brass in Swindon and bring a friend or ten. The venue is filling up but should be able to squeeze about 320 into the venue. Tickets aren't essential but if you could let Kevin Bird know that you are coming through his link on www.greatwesternyouth.comthat would be great. The website is worth looking at anyway.

    CU There!!

  6. Jasonp

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    No probs Rob, looking forward to it.

    See you soon,

    Jason :tup
  7. Jasonp

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    Ok folks, here's your last reminder of the concert tomorrow night.
    Looks like it'll be a full house, so to ensure a seat make sure you get there in plenty of time.
  8. ophicliede

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    Many Thanks!

    Hi Jason, Many thanks on behalf of the Great Western Youth Band for your time in playing at this concert and working with the youngsters in the morning. It is really appreciated. Give your Director of Music my regards and tell him to get some practice on his Euphonium. Regards.
  9. ophicliede

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    Great Western Youth Band Inaugaral Concert

    Last night saw the first concert for the Great Western Youth Band who joined forces with the Band of the Grenadier Guards Brass Ensemble. The three youth bands that make up the Great Western youth organisation played alongside members of the Grenadier Guards Band resplendant in their red tunics. It was a fantastic concert played to a packed house with more than 300 in the audience. £1500 was raised to help the Youth Band who have a target of £70,000 to reach for equipment. For more information go to the website:
  10. Jasonp

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    Well done everyone,
    All 3 bands played exceptionaly well and I really enjoyed the day.
    I've seen your website and it looks fab with all the pics, sound clips and vids.
    Hope we can do it all again one day


    :clap: :clap: :clap:
  11. Growler

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    Thanks to all of you for coming down, it was a fantastic day and a great start for the new band. Raised lots of money as well, which is always good!