Great Sound What material is it?

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    I am always looking for Brass Band Bass Trombone Sounds that get me impressed. Here is another example and I am interested in your opinion about what setup this player might have choosen to get a sound like that. Do you think you can get this kind of sound with heavier or lighter material? It is very stable, has a good core, big sound but edging out in a way that I really like. Pretty sure he uses a Red Brass Bell, but not sure about whatelse he might have chosen.

    Listen to this example and you'll hear that nice sound around minute 01:00

    What is your opinion/experience about that?
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    I had a listen to the youtube clip and although it was ok I have heard much better. But different strokes for different folks I guess.

    If you want to hear what I consider to be excellent Bass Trombone playing try to get a listen at any half decent Salvation Army Band eg. ISB, Chalk Farm, Endfield etc.

    As for set-up I find that the sound comes from mostly within and provided the instrument is relatively modern and from a reputable make (I'm not going to enter the "Chinese debate" here) then you should be ok.

    I currently play a 23 year old Yamaha 613G (twin plug close-wrap with a 9.5 inch gold brass bell) and although I have been itching for a more modern open wrap axial valved model this does me fine.

    Hope I've helped and not hindered.