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  1. Moy

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    Hi All
    For all my North of the Border pals.

    Sat 26th April - Scottish Co-op - Aboyne Ac/Community Centre.
    Sat 17th May - Grimethorpe - Kircaldy.
    Maybe meet up with some of you.
    Regards :roll:
  2. Moy

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    Oops sorry, wrong bit for this info dohhhhhhh
  3. TheMusicMan

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    Don't worry Moira, we can move it for you if you like... all sorted... how's that :?:

    Incidentally, welcome to - glad to have you on-board ship :)
  4. Moy

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    Thanks for sorting me out.
    Promise I'll check things out b 4 I post again.
    Have not checked evrything out yet, but so far great site.
  5. Moy

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    Co-op concert

    Any Scottish Co-op players on this site.
    Wouldn't mind knowing your programme for your visit to Aboyne on the 26th of this month.