Great News: Shannon Matthews found alive...

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by TheMusicMan, Mar 14, 2008.

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    Yes indeed! I cannot imagine what her family have been going through these past few weeks
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    good news ... Something positive to read for once... I can only imagine what the family has been going through. It makes you think verry carefully about your own family when you read of these things happening...
  4. Mesmerist

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    I lost my now 4 year old on the day we moved house last November and it is the most hideous unimaginably frightening experience ever. Luckily for us she was found wandering by a mother who quickly called the police and we were reunited within about 10 minutes of it being reported. How families cope I cannot begin to imagine especially the ones where it remains a mystery for years. So pleased Shannon is alive and hopefully it will be a case of her running from home and sheltered by a misguided relative rather than any other scenario
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    The BBC website has just reported that her Step Dad has been arrested for having images of child related porn on a computer. Everyone I've spoken to about this whole case has thought there was something wrong about all this, it turns out we were perhaps right... oh dear. I wonder if the other kids will get taken into care?
  6. Paige

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    yes, the whole thing seemed a bit strange to me alot of the way through. I guess ot depends whether the mother leaves him/ kicks him out of the house. Has shannon moved back home now or not?
  7. Cornet Nev.

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    The whole thing now looks on the surface to be the young girl running away to escape abuse perhaps. We won't know for sure until it comes up in a court case now. Conjecture will no doubt be rife though.
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    Shannon Matthews: Who Did It?

    Maybe one for the tMp Predictions, but who do you think did it, or what did it or how did it. All A bit confusing, seems practically all her family have been arrested, so surely they'll find out something sooner or later.

    Although one thing that struck me was that almost all her family were wearing baseball caps and tracksuit bottoms
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    They are comfy (so i'm told!)... I saw a whole brassband wearing similar outfits last whit Friday. Lots of hoopy earings too!;)
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    You see, everything in the end comes down to Music, good or bad. ;)
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    Well, I recon it was all a big scam from within the family to try to set up a (false) appeal like the 'Madeline' one to raise money for their own use.
    Did anyone else feel like me when I saw and listened to all the interviews when Shannon went missing? I just had an eerie feeling that the mum and stepdad weren't telling the truth. The mum seemed like she was on the edge of laughter and on a few occasions had to turn away. Hope she gets all she deserves. The whole thing must have cost us thousands!
  12. blasterbates

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    Has anyone else noticed the stunning similarity between Karen Matthews and the Harry Enfield character - Waynetta Slob ???
  13. tubafran

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    No, only millions - apparently the "hunt" for Shannon was the biggest police operation in West Yorkshire since the Ripper days and is topping £5million at the moment - add a series of court cases for all those charged todate which will presummably be on legal aid - nice use of tax payers money?
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    I wonder how much tax this "extended family" pays, presuming they're not all on benefits of course.
  15. blasterbates

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    See what I mean.

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    Her step-dad even turned up for his court apperance wearing a pair of tracksuit bottoms, a poloshirt with the collar up and a baseball cap. I agree with Graham, definatly wayne and waynetta slob types.
    As for the brass band dressed as chav's i heard about it and saw pictures, sounded pretty fun, did they try and fight the residents of uppermill?
  17. Anno Draconis

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    It would seem that someone purporting to represent Mrs Matthews had approached the McCanns, asking for money from the Madeleine fund to help in the search for Shannon.

    I can't see any of this extended family coming out of this with their reputations intact, and I certainly wouldn't want to be on that estate if any of them go back to their houses; there's a lot of ill-feeling amongst locals who, understandably, feel aggrieved. I still feel enormously sorry for Shannon; my opinion, based on what's come out so far, is that she has been used as a helpless pawn by a scheming bunch of adults whom she should have been able to trust completely.
  18. screamlead

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    I totally agree with Anno Draconis.

    It is testamount to the stupidity of all the conspirators concerned that they have not got away with this ill concieved plot to extort money from well meaning members of society. Without wanting to be stereotypical, people who live on those estates generally don't have loads of spare cash as they invariably (rightly OR wrongly) exist (Because that is all they can hope to do) on state benefits. These are the people that will have donated cash to the 'Find Shannon Appeal'.

    Did anyone see the Dispatches program on channel 4 ?? I did and was appalled. They had two teenagers in the house (Again wearing the chav uniform!!) who were mentioning people off the estate who were "F****** Peadophiles" It now seems that the step father has been caught with indecent images of children on his PC. And, all the while that the two idiots were mentioning peadophiles there was absolutely no reaction from the mother!!!! Obviously because she knew where Shannon was and that she was safe!!!!

    It is not surprising that Shannon has been quoted as saying that she does not want to go 'home' but wants to stay with the foster carers. Having said that, the mother - I believe that she has now been christened Waynetta - has only visited Shannon twice since she was found. She obviously cares a lot about her daughter then!!!! NOT.........

    As for the Mother - she stated in the first interviews after shannon 'Disappeared' that she had 6 children. In fact she has 7 from 5 different fathers. My opinion (Again, rightly or wrongly) is that scumbags like this should be sterilised after the 3rd child - just think of all the money the government would save!!!! Alternatively, the government could always send the kids to the workhouse!!! It would certainly be an improvement after seeing the state they have been living in.

    As for the family (or tribe) going back to live on the estate there are bound to be repercussions. People on the estate are obviously very angry. I think the authorities should send thefamily back to the estate. There is nothing like a good old witchunt or burning at the stake that serves as a deterrant to other simpletons!!!

    Bring back the rack!!!
  19. 2nd man down

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    Yep, there's a lot to be said for enforced sterilisation and taking certain types out of the gene pool altogether. It would save the rest of us a fortune in the long run.

    I said as soon as it turned out sh'e been found at a relatives that something about this case stunk and that I suspected it was a big ransom con. It's lucky for us and a pity for them that they were just too dam thick to pull it off.
  20. bassinthebathroom

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    As I understand it, the reason the mother was taken in for questioning was to find out how she managed to get 5 men to sleep with her...