Great American Brass Band Festival 2005

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    The 17th annual Great American Brass Band Festival was held in Danville, Kentucky 10–12 June 2005. The festival, held primarily on the campus of Centre College, is hosted by the Advocate Brass Band, based in Danville. Participating groups in the 2005 festival included historic re-enactment bands, such as Saxton's Cornet Band and Dodworth Saxhorn Band, playing mid-19th century instruments. The jazz brass tradition was represented by groups such as the Great Olympia Traditional Jazz Band, the DiMartino/Osland Jazz Orchestra, and Rhythm & Brass. The British brass band style was represented by the Chicago Brass Band (current North American Brass Band Association champions), the Athena Brass Band (an all-star, all-women group), and the National Capital Band of the Salvation Army. (For a complete list of performers at the 2005 festival, see the GABBF website at Featured soloists included Dr. Patricia Backhaus, trumpeter Allen Vizzutti, and euphonium virtuoso Steven Mead.

    The festival weekend was preceded on Friday, 10 June with a conference on the History of Brass, including presentations by, among others, Steven Mead and Douglas Yeo, an outdoor concert by the Athena Brass Band, and a contribution from Rhythm & Brass. On Saturday, there was music throughout the town, with bands at Constitution Square and outside the local courthouse as well as on the Main Stage at Centre College. At 11:00 am, most of the participating groups, along with other local units, marched in a short parade from Constitution Square to the Main Stage. Concerts continued, changing groups every hour, until nearly midnight. More music was presented on Sunday, beginning with an ecumenical Community Worship Service (held in the Norton Center for the Arts on the Centre College campus because of inclement weather) and more concerts into the afternoon. Audiences at the Main Stage venue, which was in the central quad of the campus, were estimated at more than 10,000 people, despite humid and rainy weather all day on Saturday.

    For an extensive report on this event, including photos, please visit the News section of The Brass Crest or follow this link:
  2. Man, I wish I could have gone! One of these years, I'll be making an appearance!

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    It was my first time at the Festival (the previous two times the NCB went I was on leave of absence).

    It's a fantastic event. The best part is that all of the performances are free. And it's really interesting to hear other types of brass groups. I'm particularly partial to the historical bands, which show that even with "primitive" instruments good music could be made.
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    Looks to have been a good weekend (and I also like the early brass groups, having several cds). I see you didn't mention your own award, as referred to in the Brass crest report - well done!
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    I was trying to be modest, Peter :oops:

    (Actually, John had suggested to me some time ago that I post a summary on tMP and link out to the full report on The Brass Crest - as always, I try to follow tMM whenever possible!)
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    Lots of nice pictures. Thanks for those Robert!!