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    Well, I'm teaching a lil boy the tenorhorn now, and have been doing for about 6 months now. He's 9 and passed his grade 3 just before xmas, and now his other teacher at school is pushing him to do his grade 4.

    Thing is he only has the books for his grade 3 pieces really, and 1 book with a few grade 4 pieces. Most of which he can play already. (the little 4 line things) I think he could do with the push of playing some 'proper' music so he can play them in contests and festivals. SO I had a look on the ASBRM website and the syllabusses and was like :eek: when I saw that Apres un Reve and Mountain melody were on the list! (i did them for my grade 5 & 6!!! :confused::confused:) I think they're a bit out of his reach yet.

    His range goes from bottom G to top G, so I was just wondering if anyone knew any 'real' pieces, that he could buy that are about grd 3/4 sort of standard, because I'm stuck! My memory doesn't go that far back :rolleyes:


    (P.s Just looked through the Guildhall sylabuss.. the grd 8 part is messed up seriously! Skelter... compared to masquerade and capriccio Brilliante.. whats going on there!! :eek::eek:)
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    I could ask my daughter to go through all her old music folders if that would help?

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    Ouch! ;)
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    I could answer with "I believe she gaves loads of her early music away, some time ago, to a group of learners" but I'll save that for a domestic discussion later and not clog up the boards. ;)
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    This thread is a sad indicment of society today that a family now converse via an internet forum!
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    If his range is from G to G the if my memory serves me right Apres un Reve only goes upto a top A, the tune isn't that hard and maybe pushing him to extend his range if only by one note wouldn't be a bad thing I would give it a go

    My daughter is working on Grade 4 horn and she is playing Send in the Clowns she is 8 nearly 9 and she seems to manage the range of it I think highest note is a top F otherwise what about Suil e Ruin from cry of the celts for contesting and festivals she's playing that at the moment as well that goes upto a top G
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