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    Following the award of £10,000 towards our instrument replacement project, the band's "big end" eagerly awaits the arrival of four brand new tubas. The grant has been generously given by the Coalfields Regeneration Trust (CRT), as part of their "Bridging the Gap" scheme. The CRT is an independent charity dedicated to changing the face of coalfields communities across the UK through supporting their social and economic regeneration. This is the second such award the band has received in recent years, and we are very grateful for the funding which is vital for the band's continuing existence and progression
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    I would be interested to know how you managed to gain success at this venture. I have recently been given the task of seeking funding for new instruments for Hatfield Colliery Band. We have never been successful in any funding bids (2 lottery bids failed). Getting it wrong is obviously easy but I would be interested to learn the right way. David G
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    Ah, that would be Teflons silver (non stick) tongue ;)
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    We recently had a successful lottery bid and bought 3 new basses (including mine!!:biggrin:) Don't know the reasons fully or either Thorseby reasons, but I would have thought teaching policy has something to do with it(ie thoresby youth band) we have an active junior band and the majority of our players are school kids.

    Well done Thoresby.:biggrin: Any band that gives youth a chance deserve grants and lottery funding in my book!!:clap:
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    Youth involvment, Charity Status, Community involment, learning and skills development, Transition groups, vunerable people etc read what info they require then spin your answers to suit.

    Not easy but rewarding when done right.
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    Thanks for that. I have just competed a course run by South Yorkshire Funding Advice Bureau which hopefully will prove very useful. The info re aiming my bid towards youth seems to be the key and I thank you for your feedback.

    David G