Grandfather's Clock

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    I recently managed to borrow a copy of the Soloist's Companion volume 3 and I like the song Grandfather's Clock because it's easy but sounds hard, but I was wondering if there was a piano accompaniment part for Eb Horn. I play Eb horn but all of the accompaniment parts are for Bb instruments and there's a band accompaniment for Eb instruments on Pennine Music Publishers but I can't seem to find it for a piano accopaniment.:frown:

    Anyone able to help me? :-?
  2. ummmm I can't really say i've ever seen a piano accompaniment arranged for Eb! and i've been messing round with that piece for a while now. It could be worth just transposing the Bb piano accomp. into Eb, eg. type it into sibelius and let it do all the work?
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    Just transpose the solo part into Eb
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    That's what I was thinking, but I'm lazy, what 16 year old boy would rather type in a piano part into sibelius than play guitar hero on the xbox. I think that's what I'll do, thanks! ;)