Granada Band of the Year 73/74

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  1. jim

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    I would like to know if anyone would know what the program was in Sun Life (Stanshawe) Band's winning Granada performance of 1974? also could someone confirm if they entered in 1973 as there is no record of an entry from my research that year only 1972.

    Many thanks in advance!
  2. Ankanala

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    The year Stanshawe won I am sure they finished with `La Forza Del Destino` but I can`t remember anything else. Just remember WB strutting his stuff! Wonderful!
  3. jim

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    Many thanks that's. good start!!
  4. RThomp7462

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    I played for Stanshawe for five years in the seventies, and I was bumper-up to the infamous Lyndon Baglin (my hero!), if my memory serves me well we started with 'French Military March', then 'Green Grow the Brasses Oh!' (specially written for the band), principal cornet at the time, David Thomas played 'The Lazy Trumpeter' and yes, we finished with La Forza Del Destino (at break-neck speed in the finale!!), and yes the "prof" was doing his usual wonderful stuff!!!!
  5. jim

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    Thank you RTomp this solves my question!
  6. jim

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    I don't suppose you would be able to remember 1973's Set? and if this was the year they entered or was it 1972?
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  8. desatks

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    I have an LP of the 1972 Granada Band of the Year and it listed 9 bands:- Cory, City of Coventry, Brighouse, Fairey, Ransom Hoffman Pollard, Grimethorpe, Yorkshire Imps, Carlton Main and Wingates. Therefore no Sun Life for that year.
  9. desatks

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    see above ^^^^^^ I lied. it was 1971...............
  10. Janet Watkins

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  11. JR

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    It was definitely 74 for Stanshawe in the Kings Hall - fastest Force of Destiny since Alex Mortimer!

    They also went on to get a prize at the Open that year in the same hall on James Cook

    I can also remember Grimethorpe opening their programme with Elgar Howarth's Red Sky at Night (I think they played No. 1 with John Berryman conducting) - they finished 2nd I believe, having won it in 72 and 73.


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