Graduation Festival for 2005 Summer Music Conservatory

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    Saturday, 16 July 2005, marked the graduation ceremonies for the annual summer Music Conservatory, sponsored by The Salvation Army National Capital and Virginia Division and held at the division's Camp Happyland, located in near Culpeper, Virginia. This year, 48 delegates spent three weeks at the camp, involved in brass, vocal, music theory and other classes. The Divisional Music Director, Bandmaster James Anderson, was the director of the conservatory, assisted by his wife, Christina, who is the Divisional Gospel Arts Director, and Wendy Hopper, who served as Program Director and Head Counselor for the conservatory. Special guests for this year were Marjory and Stuart Watson, from the Regent Hall corps in central London, England, and Kathy "Kas" Sipe, Territorial Piano Ministries Specialist for the USA Southern Territory.

    The students participated in brass and percussion instrumentals, vocals, music theory classes and a variety of elective classes. For instrumental instruction, three bands were formed, named for US Presidents: Lincoln, for beginning students; Jefferson, for intermediate students; and Washington, for advanced students. Two choruses were also formed, named for rivers in the area: Potomac and Shenandoah.

    For more on this event, including several photos, please visit the News Section of The Brass Crest, or follow this link:
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    NCV Music Conservatory 2005

    This was the first time that Marjory and I had been special guests at a summer school in the States. The students (for both the Senior and Junior conservatories) were really keen and we had an enjoyable couple of weeks working with them. Being part of the process of helping young musicians in their development meant that the whole experience was really worthwhile!
    Well done to all the staff and students of the NCV Music Conservatory!