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    Am coming up to the end of my degree, so its high time I started looking for a job. Trouble is, I am a bit picky. I like my life at home, I've got a reasonably good job with good prospects as it is, but to work my way up would take years. I'm also very impatient. So I've applied for a fast-track management scheme with the same company. Thing is, to not apply for anything else would be putting waaay to many eggs in the same basket, so I need some help.

    I've trawled the internet for graduate placements in hospitality, events management, or marketing and come up with diddly squat south of Manchester or west of London, which is not ideal since I'd like to be closer to home. I've had a proper *bad* time at uni being so far from anything familiar, never learning my way around, having not made any friends til my 2nd year (tragic, I know!), etc, so I'd like to be a bit closer to Cornwall so at least I could visit. I'm pretty sure its going to come down to my moving miles and miles away from home to launch a career, and if I have to I will, but if anyone knows of, or works for, or owns, etc a company who take on a graduates for training or similar in any of these fields, anywhere near the south west, it would be muchly appreciated!

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    Most opportunities are not advertised, so

    1. Network - as you've started doing here - use all your contacts,

    2. Contact the Placement Officer at Uni,

    3. Identify up to 5 or 6 recruitment agencies that handle the sort of vacancies you're looking for,

    4. Identify organisations and contact them direct - 'cold calling' by telephone, writing or visiting. If you do this, always contact the appropriate recruting manager (e.g. Marketing Manager).

    Also watch for advertised opportunities.

    Good luck!