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  1. Hollie

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    Right, I have a graded exam 2moro and wondered if any of you knew the aural part better than me.
    Its just when you have to answer questions on the features of a piece including the general perception of texture, form (including phrase structure), style and period, of which the examiner will select one or two and advise the candidate accordingly before playing the piece. Candidates will be expected to use Italian terms in their answers where appropriate. (Copied from the abrsm website/syllabus)
    Does anybody have a clearer idea of the kinda of answers they expect?
    Thanks xx

  2. Goldie Horn

    Goldie Horn Member

    Yeah just general questions about the piece like what form is it? Ternary, binary, etc. italian terms refers to things like allegro,andante if you're asked to give a tempo marking. Is the piece two parts, three parts, texture get thicker/thinner/contrapuntal etc as the piece progresses. What period of music does it come from, Baroque, classical etc.etc

    I think the examiner tells you what he wants you to listen out for before he starts playing the piece so you can hone in on those things.

    In my opinion, your teacher should have gone through some of these things already with you or are you teaching yourself? Don't worry though! It's not that difficult!

    Good Luck!
  3. Goldie Horn

    Goldie Horn Member

    Which grade is it by the way!!?!?
  4. Hollie

    Hollie Member

    Grade 7, as a practice for grage 8 ha. I aint guna bother doing grade 8 tho!! I went through it briefly with my teacher but basically she just said use music knowledge Ive already got (ive never mastered the period things) and give intelligent answers!
  5. Ankanala

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  6. Hollie

    Hollie Member

    So what you mean is the examiner will say, i will ask you about the period and the form of this piece. and then play it?
  7. Flutey

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    Well I had my grade 6 on Monday, and I remember the examiner giving me specific things to listen out for. Also, if you get asked about the period and don't know, do it by a process of elimination. That's what I did and it seemed to get me some credit purely for being logical. Listen out for dynamics, tempo, musical form and think of some possible composers.
    Good luck!
  8. Ankanala

    Ankanala Member

    Yes, but at Grade 7 he/she could ask about form, character, style, texture or dynamics as well as period. Answers are acceptable in english but it is good to use italian terms where possible, just make sure they are right.

    To find out about periods and the styles associated with them try

  9. P m Gray

    P m Gray New Member

    If you still want to continue with your grades after this but don't want to do the aural, why not take the trinityguildhall option which is performance only?
  10. Kiz7

    Kiz7 Member

    That's not strictly true - at G1-5 you don't have to do scales and aural if you wish as you can choose general musicianship or improvisation instead. At G6,7 and 8 you do have to do scales so its not just performance only.

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