Grade 5 theory??

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  1. rebecca

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    Is Grade 5 theory required in order to do grade 6,7 or 8 with Trinity Guildhall? i know it is required for Associated board exams.
  2. imthemaddude

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    yes it used to be - there are alternatives though.
  3. jingleram

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    It's not required for 6 and 7, however for grade 8 guildhall you would need grade 8 theory!

    EDIT: And I think GCSE counts instead of grade 5 theory as well.
  4. drummerboy

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    I've done a grade 8 Guildhall exam and I could do it with only grade 5 theory.
  5. Kiz7

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    No. From January 2007 you will not need to have any theory to take any of the grades - including 8 - with Trinity Guildhall. You will still need to do G5 theory to take G6, 7 and 8 for Associated Board.

    Also, Grade 5 theory is NOT acutally counted as a GCSE but does carry points on the National Qualifications Framework that can be used as university or higher education entry points if you don't get the marks you need so it is still worth taking.
  6. Janet Watkins

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    In the olden days, if you had O level music you didn't need to do Grade 5 theory to do the higher grades.
  7. rebecca

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    When I did my grade 8 guildhall, I only needed grade 5 theory too.
  8. ophicliede

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    No theory examinations are required with the Trinity Guildhall examinations. I have been teaching and using the Trinity exams for many years and no theory grades have been required on grades 6 7 8 or the ATCL exams. The new brass syllabus should be out very shortly.
  9. Hollie

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    I know that theory is a pain to do and many of you may think I am mad for sayin this but I say do theory exams!! I loved doing it (I went to grade 8) and now when I look back at the past papers which i now cannot do because it was long ago I kind of miss it, told you I was weird!!


    When I was taking the Associated Board Exams, I took Grade V Practical Musicianship instead of Theory. At the time, this was a new exam brought in for those, who at the time like me, who were of a more 'practical persuasion'. Worked for me, because I'm not a keyboard player and really struggled with theory. I passed it and went straight onto my Grade VIII trombone. I think they still have this exam. Might be worth looking into.

    With regards to the GCSE being equivalent to Grade V theory, its a load of nonsense really. I did both O level and GCSE music and the O level was far more connected to theory than the GCSE. This is why a lot youngsters nowadays can get a qualification in music, and they don't neecessarily have to be able to read or write music. Its handy, but not essential. That was not the case with O level.

    I actually teach music now in Secondary schools to 11-16 yr olds. The teacher before me (I was told...) did not really believe in pupils having to read or write notation, prefering computer programs and dance music software. Whilst I think this has its place (and I teach a unit of work around the computer dance programs), it has meant I've struggled teaching what I suppose are the rudiments of music to the kids. However, I am proud to say that all of my yr 7's and 8's can all read music proficiently, and are getting used to writing it properly as well (without the use of Sibelius!)

    However, because the GCSE music course does not (in my opinion!) really prepare a pupil for doing standard A level music, my school also offers extra theory lessons as well to any pupils who want them.

    Theory definitely has its place, especially if we're not going to allow the basic skills needed for complete musicianship to die out with this generation of computer literate people who can't actually write legibly using a pen or spell their own names properly without spellcheck!

    Just my two-penneth!

    Charmian. x
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  11. Hollie

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    I soooooooooo agree!!! Having just done AS year of music, I was so unprepared, the step between GCSE and AS is massive and we all hate it now, I was going to do it at uni aswell!! Having grade 8 thoery previous though really helped me understand things this year and in some aspects I had a head start to the other 2 in my class, it is most definatley a bonus to have!
  12. persins

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    I did Grade 5 theory only because it was a pre-requisite for the Associated board exams. With the bare minimum of effort I managed to successfully score 66 which was the pass mark! Woohoo!!
    I didn't actually then bother taking any more of the grades. It was sort of useful, I think. I never really made a great use of it though. Nevermind!
  13. i did nothing and passed with 72 so its nothing just remember scales for grade 8 if i'd done then id have had a distinction