Gosport Silver Band requires players! (WoE, 4th section)

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by choirmaster, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. choirmaster

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    Edit: Current vacancies will be found towards the end of the thread

    Gosport Silver Band is about to undergo a change of leadership from 17th April, when the present conductor Mr.A. Hall retires after 20 years of waving the stick. The new leadership (me) is looking to develop the profile of the band in the surrounding area and beyond and also to increase it's playing membership ( we have vacancies in most areas). The band is currently contesting and unregistered, but as players have previously left in search of silverware this position will change in the not too distant future. A town the size of Gosport (c 80,000) should have a thriving band it should be proud of. Do you want to be part of what is set to become an exciting chapter in the band's history? If so, please feel free to pm me or email jones@delembex.freeserve.co.uk The band's website is http://www.gosportsilverband.com although this is soon to be updated
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  3. choirmaster

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    Gosport Silver's 1st time.

    As part of Gosport Silver Band's five year development plan we are going to contest for the 1st time ever at the Wessex contest in december. However, even though we have recruited several new players over the past few weeks we still need 2 more front row cornets and 2 Basses ( Eb or Bb) and a baritone in order to win handsomely ;) . Within the next month we will be moving to a new rehearsal venue which has 4 practise rooms for the band's use. Those that may be interested could pm me. The band's website is http://www.gosportsilverband.com although this is in need of updating and will be done soon as we move home.
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    Good luck!

    I played with Gosport for years when I was in the Royal Navy and they are a very friendly bunch. Always busy in the Summer and have lots of enjoyable concerts.
  5. choirmaster

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    percussionist needed on the solent

    Gosport Silver band has begun to grow in number in the past few months to now being 28 strong when all are present. However, we are looking for another percussionist to add to our present team of two. This would ideally be someone who would specialise in tuned percussion. Other players are also welcome as we wish to see competition for places for when we enter our first contest December.
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    Just a suggestion but it might help to attract players if you regularly updated your website. I'm an ex-Gosport player myself and it's frustrating when the website is 3 or months out of date, any prospective new joiner will want to see what the latest news on you is!

    God luck in your search it's nice to see the band going from strength to strength!
  7. choirmaster

    choirmaster Member

    Thanks for the comment Roy, you're quite right in what you say. However, there are so many things happening at the moment we're waiting to put all the news on our website at the same time. We will hopefully be updating our web site on a far more frequent basis after this.
  8. choirmaster

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    Gosport Silver band offering 25k for the right players!

    We are a band that regularly gets over 30 attending practice;however, we still need to strengthen in certain areas. We are currently looking for a bass trombone, baritone and E/B flat bass to see us complete although others players are more than welcome.
    Your 25 kroner will be paid to you after your 7 year probationary period has ended and obviously on condition that you have attended all practices and engagements during that time ( please also see terms and conditions handbook no 1 for other get out clauses).
    Come on, if you live down sarf and want to be part of a band that has shaken itself out of its slumber pm me for a chat about where we are ( geographically and in terms of our development plan) and where we want to get to within the next 5 years.
  9. Will the Sec

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    Excellent advert!

    I haven't laughed so much since West Ham's last minute equaliser against Tottenham!

    Good luck in your search.
  10. choirmaster

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    Gosport band - vacancies

    Gosport band have made giant steps forward in the past year. They have gone from a non-contesting band with an average age of 150, to one that has seen them contest for the 1st time in the past few months, gained a lot of ambition and also attract players of a far younger age. However, I find it so incredibly inconsiderate that these musicians should want to move from sunny hampshire to places oop north in order to work or gain promotion!!!!!!!!!!!! - Ridiculous!!
    Anyway, we now have vacancies for 2 solo cornet , a 1st baritone and possibly a 1st trombone player to strengthen our line up. Although anyone else would be considered as long as you can play the little f & G march. Please pm me if you are interested.
    ( musical Dictator)
  11. Matthew

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    That's me out then. :eek: Good luck recruiting. :tup
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    Matthew - have you got a terminal stutter there?
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    Francis - it was a glitch on the server that caused the repeat posts. All sorted now.
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    How many times do you have to tell us LOL:clap: :p
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    Cornishwomble and I used to live in Gosport and we used to help Gosport band out with the odd concert and summer jobs.... that was before we moved up north to Yorkshire 2005 :D
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    Cyber stutter it seems, thanks for sorting it John! :cool:
  18. Jean Hanslip

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    Gosport Silver Band requires players!

    We are a friendly enthusiastic 4th section band from Hampshire, who want to go places. We have vacancies for a solo cornet, 2nd cornet, 1st & 2nd Baritones and a trombone player, prefereably bass or 1st. For details of when and where we rehearse (tuesday evenings and sunday mornings) go to: www.gosportsilverband.com or give our MD Derek Jones a ring on 07886531379. We will be very pleased to see you.
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  19. Cornishwomble

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    Good luck in your search for players Jean, I'm really chuffed at how much the band seems to be moving forward.

    One thing though, it might help your search for players if you updated the website as it has been unchanged for months
  20. andy's bone

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    Really need to replace some Knackered lips

    Hi all, GOSPORT BRASS are still looking to strengthen in all areas especially Solo Cornets and Baritones. We have made massive improvement in the last year or so ( not really, but we have to remain positive). But now need a load of fresh blood to take us onto the next stage of our development. This is a band who's average age has dropped from 97 last year to aapprox 45 now. (although our website doesn't show it as the pictures were taken in 1840 with a pinhole camera- www.gosportsilverband.com). Ideally we want to reduce this average age even further, however, if you're 86 and still up for the challenge, you're more than welcome.:tup
  21. Jean Hanslip

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    Gosport Silver Band requires players!

    Anyone new to the Hampshire area, particularly the south, are cordially invited to come for a blow with us at Gosport Silver Band. We are an enthusiastic 4th section band and any players are welcome, especially baritone, flugel, solo and back row cornets. You can find our location on wwwgosportsilverband.com.
    Rehearsal days are tuesday and sunday morning at 7.30pm and 10.30am respectively or contact Jean on 023 80329063 for more details.
  22. Jean Hanslip

    Jean Hanslip New Member

    Players Required

    Gosport Silver Band in Gosport, Hampshire are seeking the following players:- 1st & 2nd baritone, 1st trombone, solo tutti cornet and solo horn in particular, but all other players are welcome. We are an enthusiastic, friendly band who have just started contesting last year for the first time in their history. We rehearse on tuesday evenings and sunday mornings at the Thorngate Hall, Bury Road, Gosport. Please contact Jean on 023 80329063 for more details.

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