Gordon Barker: Farewell to a dedicated Bandsman

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  1. TheMusicMan

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    Farewell to a Dedicated Bandsman

    The family and friends of Gordon Barker, together with the members of Raunds Temperance Band will be joining at Kettering Crematorium on Thursday to say a final farewell to Gordon in the only possible way – with a pure brass band sound filling the chapel with hymns and some well loved music.
    [imgleft]http://www.themouthpiece.com/images/gordon.jpg[/imgleft]Gordon has been a member of the same band for 65 years which is something of a record in banding circles, in fact he was presented with a special award by the brass band association after serving 60 years. He joined the band as a youngster in the early 1940’s and you could always rely on Gordon being there when the baton dropped for a rehearsal or concert. Over the years Gordon has experienced some successful and exciting times through the achievements of the band, together with the times when the band has gone through leaner times, but he has always been a dedicated player. Gordon epitomised what true banding is all about.

    He was a gentle, kind and talented man who was devoted to his family, his band and his garden (often providing band members with vegetables grown in his garden and which were superfluous to his family’s requirements). Though developing diabetes in later years, Gordon could always be seen in the streets of Raunds on a Tuesday and Thursday carrying his large brass instrument up to the practice room. However, as a result of an unfortunate fall just before Christmas, Gordon was confined to hospital with a broken neck and sadly passed away on the 11th January.

    The thoughts of the band members go out to Gordon’s family at this difficult time and, although it may sound like a cliché, Gordon will most definitely be sadly missed by all.
  2. honey bun

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    This man was the best and most dedicated bandsman I have ever met in all my years of banding. His family have requested that he wanted to be buried in his band jacket.

    He will be a great loss to family, friends, Raunds and the brass banding world in general.

    We'll miss you Gordon xx

    All at Raunds Temperance
  3. honey bun

    honey bun Active Member

    Also as a matter of interest does anyone know of anyone else who has played for the same band for 65 years. Just wondered if this was possibly a record.
  4. Indeed a very sad loss. He was a very good friend of my gramp who also played in raunds for many many years (40 or 50). I will be there on Thursday as part of the band saying my farewell to a top bandsman and good friend. I will play my heart out for the fella.

    Tuesday at the hospital was a very emotional experience, one that I will never forget also.

    Will miss you Gordon.
  5. MaxPressure

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    Gordon was most definately one of the most commited bandsmen I have had the pleasure of not only knowing, but someone who I considered a true friend. He was always one of the first to arrive for band practice, even if he wasn't feeling 100%. You got the impression that it would take a very secure cell to keep him away. I feel greatly honoured to have known this very fine man, and am very sorry that I won't be able to attend the funeral, and join with the band in giving him the send off he deserves. And if there is an afterlife, I bet he has already joined the local band, and started a crop of brussel sprouts ready to share with the heavenly host.

    Here's to you Gordon, you truely were one of the best.
  6. Steve

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    I would like to reiterate everything written above. Despite only sharing a bandroom with this man for a couple of years you cant help but be inspired and humbled by his dedication to the band, its members and his sheer joy in making music with Raunds.

    Im suprised he didnt take his BBb to the hospital with him. What a bander and above all else, what a man.

    RIP Gordon :clap:
  7. RGB

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