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    Hey, if you liked Google Earth, check out Google Video at their site as well. There's not too much content on there right now, but it's only in beta form. The videos come down in .gvp format as well, but you can either use their online player or download a player for your personal use as well (which offers up better quality than the online version).

    I discovered it a few days back when a friend sent me a note saying to check out 'Where Eagles Fly,' a video about USAF F-15s set to the music of Sammy Hagar's classic song.

    Check it out - there's some funny stuff out there. 'Tripod Performing,' 'System Administrator Song,' 'Tony Roester Jr.,' 'One-handed Bass Solo,' 'Banned Mastercard Commercial,' 'Funny Cats,' and 'Where Eagles Fly' are my favorites at the moment.

    There's even some cuts from Top Gear and other TV shows available as well.
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    That's great! :D