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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by AJSOP, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. AJSOP

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    No doubt it's very fast, but somehow a browser optimised to display adverts doesn't appeal to me :rolleyes:
  3. andyp

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    Yup, remember what Google's core business is - targeted advertising.

    Not for nothing is there no equivalent of Firefox's "Adblock Plus" extension.(or NoScript for that matter)

    If you want something more stripped and easy to use, Opera is quite good.
  4. Will the Sec

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    AndyP, how could you. Your avatar will be sobbing into its beer tonight!

    Am still trying out chrome. Very nice in some ways, painfully average loading some pages, though.
  5. brassneck

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    I'm trying out the new Internet Explorer 8 beta browser. It tends to memorise website visits a little more.
  6. andyp

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    Hehe, no, I still use Firefox all the time, although I did find Opera faster on a very old laptop, plus the RSS reader built into Opera is very good.

    Whatever I hate IE and won't go back to it, however am stuck with it (v6 as well, pah) at work!
  7. Keppler

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  8. brassneck

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    I've dumped IE8 Beta since it managed to allow the notorious virtumonde trojan into my system! I hope to get rid off this pest soon!
  9. on_castors

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    I lasted about 2 hours with it.

    Firefox is hard to beat at the moment, if for no other reason that I have it the way I want it, with appropriate & handy add-ons. That's not to say that Chrome won't improve and no doubt I will give it a run out in a few months.
  10. on_castors

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    It's only a browser, you don't have to marry it ;-)
  11. TheMusicMan

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    Firefox on a Mac is still blisteringly fast... as is Safari on the Mac too!
  12. rutty

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    I've given Chrome a good try and I'm fairly impressed. For a beta (and an early one at that) it seems very stable and generally faster than Firefox for most pages.

    I really like the idea of multithreading - having a different process for each tab means that one tab crashing shouldn't take down the whole browser. You can see where they're heading with this - online applications. Stability/reliability is going to be important and you don't want one dodgy web page killing off all your other stuff.

    Very promising although a long way to go for it to replace Firefox for me. Extensions/plugins are a winner and I certainly won't be using Chrome as my default browser until it's more extensible