GOOD Repair Job!!

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    A few weeks back, whilst adjusting a tuning slide on my baritone, one of the soldered joints came adrift. I tried resoldering it myself, but - even with a 100W soldering iron - it came out looking like pigeon poo. That slide (the one without a water valve) had always been a bit stiff. After my attempted repair, if anything it felt worse.

    So I took it along to Alan Gregory's in Manchester. They sorted it at what I thought was a very modest price, and I went in to collect it. Opened the case, looked at the slide; looked more closely; looked VERY closely; damned if I could see which side they'd repaired! :)

    Got the baritone home, took the slide out and looked at it in bright sunshine - I still don't know which side they'd fixed!
    :) :) :)

    Five Gold Stars, Messrs. Gregory's!!
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