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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Imperial, Feb 2, 2005.

  1. Imperial

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    I'm looking for some good euphonium duets. Preferably with piano accompanient.

    I also looking for "romance" by John Phillips for two euphoniums. I know that piece was written especially for the childs brothers in 1989. And that it's recorded by them on the cd "euphonium music". but it seems impossible to find the sheet music.

    Does anyone have a single clue of how to find out?
    Who is John Phillips?
  2. John Brooks

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    Norman Bearcroft wrote a great Euphonium Duet called "Timepiece"; it's built around the tune Grandfather's Clock. Don't know if it comes with piano accompaniment or not. It too was recorded by The Child's Brothers, in Canada, with the London Citadel Band.
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  4. nickjones

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    Duo for Euphoniums - TJ Powell
    Calon Lan arr Eric Wilson

    I think there are some duets in the Childs Brothers book ( softly as I leave you ) etc. published Rosehill
  5. Active Member

    Next month, we will be releasing The Derick Kane Euphonium Album. This will include a piano accompaniment version of Timepiece which has been transcribed from the band score by Peter Graham.
  6. euphfanhan

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    In that book, the only duet is softly as I leave you, the rest are solos. It's quite good though, and not too difficult.
  7. Seedhouse

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    :shock: Can you keep us posted WOB???
    I'd like to order that asap when it comes out!!!
  8. Cimarron Music Press carries my euphonium duets, including suites and pieces with piano. Charley Brighton just did a recital of some of my music for duets. A great job by all!

    Kenneth D. Friedrich
  9. Brian Bowen

    Brian Bowen Active Member

    And the composer told me the band version is to be published sometime by the SA in New York. Strange why SP&S didn't want to publish that as well.:-?
  10. OneTonBass

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    Deep inside the sacred Temple (the Pearl fishers) is a great euph duet. (or BBb Bass if your feeling silly)
  11. Active Member

    Will do.
    The album itself will be with piano accompaniment and will include extensive rehearsal and performance notes from Derick himself. Also included will be an accompaniment CD so the you can practice and/or perform the solos even if there is no accompanist available.
    An audio CD of Derick playing all the solos will be released at the same time. Accompaniments on this will be from the ISB on some tracks and Richard Phillips on piano for the others.

    I'll post again once we have a firm delivery date. Derick changed the front cover today as he didn't like his photo with his spectacles on!
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  12. cujo_134

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    Have been looking forward to the new euphonium solos album ever since I saw the announcement for it in the MMU newsletter. I have the pieces that they said are on it.

    1 The Better World ​
    (Norman Bearcroft trs. David Mortlock)

    2 Spirit of life ​
    (David Catherwood)

    3 Travelling Along ​
    (Chris Mallett trs. Derick Kane)

    4 Lyric Variations ​
    (Ray Steadman-Allen)

    5 There will be God ​
    (Joy Webb arr. Richard Phillips)

    6 My love is like a red red rose ​
    (arr. Kenneth Downie)

    7 To live right ​
    (Ivor Bosanko)

    8 New Direction ​
    (Derick Kane)

    9 Welsh Fantasy ​
    (Ralph E. Pearce)

    10 Jesus, I come to thee ​
    (Norman Bearcroft)

    11 Compelled by love ​
    (Andrew Blyth)

    12 Timepiece ​
    (Norman Bearcroft)

    13 Minuet ​
    (Bizet trs. Kevin Norbury)

    14 Ochills ​
    (Ernest Rance)

    Is this still the planned repotoire in it? Some very good pieces there. Thanks

    PS On their newsletter it also says "This will be edited by Peter Graham and performed by Derick Kane for release in March 2005"

  13. kiwiposaune

    kiwiposaune New Member

    check out - they should have a pretty big selection of music, including a lot of pieces that might not get good distribution in the UK
  14. horn__blower

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    Perhaps Love is a beautiful euph duet.
    dont know who arranged it or where you get it from or anything like that, but its nice! :)
    (originally by John Denver if thats any help)
  15. Active Member

    Content is correct although the running order has been changed.
    Release date is now expected to be a couple of weeks after Easter, sorry for the delay.
  16. Laserbeam bass

    Laserbeam bass Active Member

  17. cujo_134

    cujo_134 Member

    :( :( :( :( Awww I'm really looking forward to it! O well, i geuss i can wait.
  18. NeilW

    NeilW Member

    Do Rosehill music have a website does anyone know? I can't seem to find one - they're a "derivitave" of Persey Prior's? (Or do I have to phone them!)

    Anyone know any more "not too difficult" duets - my son's around Grade VII at the moment.

    Softly as I leave you sounds as if it ought to be OK, if its not been arranged with both parts going "too high"... Comments from someone who's got it welcome!

    Deep withing the Sacred Temple doesn't have a piano part, does it -- I've only ever played it with a band...?
  19. Brian Bowen

    Brian Bowen Active Member

    Rosehill Music is now trading as Winwood Music. Their website and address is:

    Unit 7
    Fieldside Farm
    Bucks HP22 4DQ
  20. euphfanhan

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    Does that come with a piano part? I've been looking everywhere for it, as I'm supposed to be playing it at a school concert.

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