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  1. I'm trying to collate a list of good arrangements of hymn tunes for example Amazing Grace arr. William Himes rather than the red or blue books. What in your opinion are the best ones. Apologies if this has been covered already.
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    French - Wilfred Heaton.
  3. Blaenwern - William Rowlands arr Iain McKnight
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    The Red (Brass Band) and Blue (sister version for Wind Band?) books do have a good selection in them but with so many tunes out there and limited space some classics will not be in them. Hymn tunes can be difficult to get and you might be forced to get/have something arranged from the piano music or use some existing four part arrangement (I think 'Grays Town Band' sell something through ebay). If you can get and afford them then I think that the Salvation Army have books of Hymns for Brass Band that have with a much larger selection within them. Hope that helps.
  5. The king of Love My shepherd Is arr :Mike Kilmartin (Used as a set work at the Flemish Open 2014)
    Amazing Grace arr: Mike Kilmartin
    Shenandoah's Simple Gifts arr: Mike Kilmartin
    Hymns for Band N°1 - arr. Bert Van Thienen

    All available at
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    Are you looking for arrangements that can accompany singing, or those that are concert pieces based upon hymn tunes?
    For the latter, you can't get better than:
    The Day Thou Gavest - Philip Wilby
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    Andi Cook's written a good piece based on 'Diadem' entitled Ye Morning Stars of Light although it's not really an arrangement of the hymn, more an original concert piece based on it.

    There's the Goff Richard's version of 'Crimond' and Roy Newsome's arrangement of 'Deep Harmony', and there's an arrangement of 'Melita' (Eternal Father Strong to Save) which is ace, I think by John Parkinson(?), but I'm not sure if it's published.
  8. The Black Dyke Hymn Books by Philip Wilby are good and when we've played from them have always been received well by the audience.

    Vol. 1
    1. Abide With Me
    2. Deep Harmony
    3. Hyfrydol
    4. Morning Has Broken
    5. Thine Be The Glory
    6. As The Deer

    Vol. 2
    1. All my hope on God is founded
    2. The Servant Song
    3. Bind us together Lord
    4. There is a wideness in God';s mercy
    5. Trumpet Tune
    6. Cwm Rhondda
    7. Hill of the North Rejoice
    8. How Happy are Thy servants Lord

    Are avaialble to buy from the usual music suppliers
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    Sorry for the delay but I had log-in problems.
    I suggest Peter Graham's arrangement of Crimond (with a strong flavour of Resurgam in it) and John Golland's arrangement of Deep Harmony .
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    Hi there, Mike.

    Kenneth Downie's arrangement of Myfanwy has been a popular purchase in recent weeks.
    Cory Band has included it in recent concert programmes and it formed part of the band's winning programme in S4C's inaugural Band Cymru competition. For Cory Band, watch from 28:33;

    Of course, this is just one of Kenneth Downie's many hymn tune arrangements, some published by The Salvation Army and others published by his own company, Kantaramusik, all of which are worthy of further investigation.
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    "Abide with me" played by grimethorpe on the brass hymn cd. Don't know who's arrangement it is but if anyone knows, can they please put it up on here do that I can buy it!!!
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    Think it's an arrangement by Albert Jakeway and published many moons ago in the SA General Series. World of Brass are the people who can help locate it. Over to you Carl!!
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    Can you be more specific about which album you are referring to please?
    I'm having trouble locating a recording of Abide With Me played by Grimethorpe.
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    The one I refer to Carl, is:-

    "Grimethorpe Colliery Band play your 20 favourite hymns"

    Conducted by Garry Cutt
    Pickwick PWKS 4248
    Recorded 1995 (Produced by Gordon Lorenz)
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    Myfanwy's not a hymn tune, though!
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    True, but; "This is a setting for brass band of one of the loveliest melodies to come from Wales. The composer was Joseph Parry while the original lyrics were written by Richard Davies and tell a poignant story of unrequited love. Nowadays the tune is often associated with other, sacred words."
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    Many of the tunes we now think of as hymn tunes have their origins as secular songs or folk songs. The Salvation Army has certainly published Myfanwy with words, and it has been sung as such by SA choirs for some time. If you start ruling such tunes out of consideration, then what about Monk's Gate and other tunes adapted by R V-W amongst others?
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    Looks to me like the same album re-packaged ...
    Going from memory, I think this album has been re-released more than once.

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