Good Easy Ensemble Music?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by JSmith, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. JSmith

    JSmith Member

    Anyone please suggest very easy 4-part brass ensemble music which wont send kids into a light Coma??

    If the parts are flexible (like each one in Bb, Eb & treble/bass clef) that's a good thing but not prerequisite i guess.

    The kids have just started playing so have a very limited range - like an octave. Also limited experience of accidentals too...

    Thanks for any tips! :D
  2. peatair

    peatair Member

    I think Mostyn Music have some material known as "The Jock McKenzie Collection." I believe they are based in Chichester now. Otherwise, you might need a friendly arranger who is willing to do the pieces you want for those who wish to play it.
  3. groovy

    groovy Active Member

    Jock MacKenzie is good, there are 4 books, starting easy and then getting a bit more difficult with each book. Also there's lot of other seperate Christmassy stuff. I have also played from the "Lets Do It" book, by Ivo Kouwenhaven which is quite easy but has a good mixture of pieces in it. Also, similarly to Jock Mackenzie, has flexible parts. :) The Just music website has a good selection.
  4. trumpetmike

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    Farnham, Surrey, UK
  5. Di B

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    Dudley UK
    Depends on what you are after.

    Francis Clifford does some stuff that is really popular with the kids I teach. They are available in quartet to full band pieces and I am sure he would help you with any specific requirements you might have.


    You can hear the pieces on his website and even download the Tromba Tango quartet free on the website

    Other music I like are the Winners Galore flaxible ensemble pieces. There are 6 tunes in a book, they cost under £15.00 a set and are full of tunes kids will know. (Teddy Bears Picnic, Can Can, Wallace & Gromit, Blackadder etc)

    Hope this helps.
  6. brasscrest

    brasscrest Active Member

    Washington, DC, USA
    The USA Southern Territory of the Salvation Army publishes the American Instrumental Ensemble Series. 4 parts plus optional 5th part (euphonium), with percussion. C, F, and bass clef parts provided, as well as treble clef Eb and Bb for each part (except 5th - Bb only). The series is graded from 1 (easy) to 4 (difficult). Edited by James Curnow. 16 pieces per year (first published in 1987, so there are quite a few to choose from), 4 in each grade, 1 in each grade is a solo (2 Bb solos and 2 Eb solos per year). Composers include Curnow, Stephen Bulla, Ray Steadman-Allen, James Anderson, Robert Redhead, many others.

    Link is
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