Good Cornet gig bag recommendations

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by AldbourneBand, Nov 15, 2015.

  1. AldbourneBand

    AldbourneBand New Member

    Any suggestions for good cornet gig bags that will take a full mute compliment with music folders and offer great protection on top?
  2. DS2014

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    Hi there, and welcome to the forum. There are a number of opinions held by the folks on here about gig bags. However, when this topic has been raised before, the one that sticks most in my mind is that "gig bags are an instrument repairer's dream". I was pondering the idea of a gig bag, but got put off by people saying that hardly any of them will take a music folder and three mutes and other odds and ends without stuff jagging into the instrument.

    What some people seem to do is buy a double trumpet bag, and use the spare space for mutes and music. But I don't like the idea of my instrument free floating and getting pinged by mutes and whatnot. There is one company, Fusion, who do a gig bag that has modular components that can be added (once you've bought them) to take mutes and music. They look great, but are very expensive: £200 for the bag, and then more wonga for the additional pieces...this, compared to the bog-standard Tom and Will bag for £75 (though the reviews of this bag are variable and I doubt you'll fit much into them other than the instrument itself).
  3. mjwarman

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    You mention the Tom and Will bags....

    Best bet is to call Prozone music in Chesham and speak to Tom and Will (Watson) direct and they can give you some professional advice. I can guarantee to you now that they will not recommend one of their own bags!
  4. trumpetmike

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    The single cornet Tom & Will case is ok (but has no space for mutes or anything), the others I wouldn't touch with a bargepole - nearly lost an Eclipse trumpet when the bottom gave way on one of their triple bags!
    For your needs I would be going down the double/triple bag route - if you use a triple and put the instrument in the middle compartment it will avoid the possibility of it moving around.
  5. GordonH

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    Surely a triple trumpet bag is going to be too big? Mine is much bigger than my cornet case. Its a Protec and came with a separate mute bag that fits on the side. Its a good bag, but very large compared to my cornet case.
  6. trumpetmike

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    I use a Reunion Blues triple and have an extra middle compartment from a previous case - the cornet goes in the extra middle compartment, assorted bits (mouthpiece, valve oil, pencil etc) goes in the regular middle section and mutes go on the other side.
    The extra middle section holds the cornet very securely.