Gonna Fly Now (maynard Ferguson)

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    Have sent you my mp3 - is your e-mail the `sky` address?
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    Blast from the past - Bill was one of my teachers:D

    (he has a lot to answer for)
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    Bill did indeed dep but not on that track - I had the great pleasure of playing with Bill in the Tony Strudwick Orchestra for a number of years - sadly, he was losing his hearing when I last saw him. He was working for BA at Heathrow. Great player in his day!
    4th trumpet for some of the time of the UK MF band was Ernie Garside who has released a couple of MF CD's called "The Lost Tapes" - well worth a listen! I don't believe that this track though dates from the UK band. Other trumpets from the UK band may have been Martin Drover, John Donnelly, John Huckridge, Alan Downey
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    Yup - know what you mean. Keep practisin` you`ll get there! :)

    At risk of being blasted for going OT again, I was with Bill Lilley in the Lakeside orchestra (before the fire). We were all semi-pros (I was still in the forces, as a few others were). We asked for a pay rise, and the owner of the club refused, saying that he didn`t want first class musicians, and that semi pros on semi-pro wages were good enough for his club. Well that made us all feel great!!! Our lead trumpet went ape, and disappeared in a fit of rage as soon as the break was over. We all had to go and search the campus as his car hadn`t gone, and as soon as he was found he had to be calmed down enough to continue the evening. We were there for 7 nights a week. I was also carrying a 9-5 job up at EMI in central London. After 18 months it put me on my back for a fortnight. I left the playing gig, then shortly after was made redundant from EMI, as all other EMI musicians were.
  5. Hi everyone,

    I have arranged the full Maynard Ferguson version of Gonna Fly Now for Brass Band.
    It's in the origional key and it includes the full screamer part either for the Sop or Solo Trumpet.
    It would be a great way to either start or end an entertainment contest.

    it still works with the Maynard part down the octave.

    The highest note for the Bb Trumpet is B above Top C.

    It has now been published by PDF Music and you get via the link below


    Price is £10 and the download is split into 4 parts of £2.50 each (all 4 downloads needed for a full set).

    Many thanks to Andy Norman at PDF Music.


    Kind Regards
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    Sounds fair :biggrin:
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    ...or, in the case of B. Schott & Sohne, reserve the right to give you permission to arrange in return for a stiff fee, but under the condition that you then turn over all your material and sign over all your rights in it to them in order that they can pass it straight to their waste disposal technicians for advanced filing.
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    Copyright in it's current form is utterly ridiculous isn't it? The court action last year because someone noticed that "Land Down Under" by Men at Work contains something in the flute interlude that sounds a bit like a small portion of 'Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree' (A song who's copyright was owned by the scout association of Australia - though it wasn't them who brought the legal action) but not quite identical and in the minor key....

    (Just realised I don't actually know how that one came out....)
  9. Bass Trumpet

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    It turned out that the original composer knew all along but didn't mind. When they died, copyright ownership was passed on to their estate who brought the action. 5% of all the songs earnings, if memory serves me correctly. I'm sure Colin Hay doesn't mind, the other 95% is his!
  10. Thirteen Ball

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    Oh dear:


    It appears the faceless corporations have won again.

    So will someone now be suing Noel Gallagher for playing the riff from 'Day tripper' over the central interlude of his own record "Cigarrettes and alcohol" in concerts for the last years of Oasis's performing career? (A song that sounds so exactly like 'Telegram Sam' by T-rex he could be in danger if that Men At Work ruling holds water.....)

    I fully agree with protecting work from plagiarism - but the period before something becomes acknowledged as public property is far too long, and only serves to perpetuate the re-hashing of hackneyed old music (how many times has 'Starlight Express been revived now?') rather than the writing of anything fresh.
  11. Thirteen Ball

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    Sadly typical. Why should what the composer thought was all fine and appropriate matter where money's involved.....

    Well at least that's something. I seem to recall they were seeking 40-60% of all royalties ever, for a two bar phrase!!!
  12. toby hobson

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    Wasn't it Bitter suite Symphony by the Verve that made not one penny for the band as they had sampled a naff arrangement of a Rolling stones tune for string orchestra as the songs main riff? I believe the Stones didn't give two hoots about it and loved the track but the guy who's arrangement had a snippet taken out of it took all the earnings that the verve made from that great track..........What a w"^*er!!!!!
  13. toby hobson

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  14. Thirteen Ball

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    Indeed it was, Toby. Yet another example where an copyright holder sees an opportunity to make a huge wad of cash by moving the goalposts, and stitches a group of musicians up for no effort at all.

    Once again, proof positive that you can sue pretty much anyone for anything......
  15. Andrew Norman

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    Just be notified of an error on the download set - Euph 1. If you have bought this set email me for a corrected part.
    Sorry !!
  16. Andrew Norman

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    This issue should now be corrected in the download parts.
    Please let me know if you still have problems.
  17. fsteers

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    As opposed to the re-hashing of hackneyed NEW music?
  18. Thirteen Ball

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    Thereon you take me onto a whole other debate about how the existing copyright system causes older work to perpetuate for longer - as composers can rely on a lifetime's income from one success rather than having to repeatedly produce new work of a high standard..... a debate that's not for this thread.