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    Hello all,

    Has anyone got any contact details for goldchops?

    After getting my mouthpiece gold plated, but the website isn't work?


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    I don't like to post this sort of thing because I can't absolutely verify it, but my understanding (on reasonable authority) is that Mervyn sadly died a week or so ago.
    I think we will need verification of this but I got it from a good source.
    Very sad if it is true as he was a very helpful person.
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    Obituary published by Devises Town Band:

    Devizes Town Band were extremely saddened to hear yesterday of the death of Mervyn Smith on Sunday evening.

    A professional musician in The Prince of Wales's Division of the Royal Regiment of Wales, Mervyn had travelled worldwide with the regiment, entertaining many thousands of people with the military music that he loved.

    Mervyn was a former member of the trumpet section of our band and has been a valued member of many other bands too over the years, including Wiltshire Poli...ce Band, Warminster Brass Band and Bratton Silver Band. He was the founder and Musical Director of Market Lavington Concert Band, for which a number of our members also play. For his services to the village, he was awarded the Market Lavington Community Shield in 2015.

    Mervyn had dealt with his cancer diagnosis with fortitude. His attitude through the last couple of years has been nothing short of heroic; like the former soldier he was, he battled his illness with courage and his head held high. He continued to lead Market Lavington Concert Band and they were proud to be conducted by him at the West Lavington Fete only two weeks ago.

    Our condolences go to his family and friends, for whom his loss will be so keenly felt.

    Rest in Peace; we'll miss you, Mervyn Smith. As said by those in military service; Stand easy.
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