Gold or silver?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by sop 1, May 11, 2009.

  1. sop 1

    sop 1 Member

    Just wondering wot everyone's preference is on mouthpieces?.
    Gold,silver or something else?. :biggrin:
  2. Chris Hicks

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  3. Tubabrian1

    Tubabrian1 New Member

    Test driving an Alliance 3 on my Courtois Eefer, looks great in silver with gold rim and cup.
    Plays well too!
  4. RonBarnes

    RonBarnes Member

    My experience with gold plating is that it wears off quite quickly. If you have a good silver plated mouthpiece it can be replated if need be at less than half the price of a new one.
  5. Rapier

    Rapier Supporting Member

    Always gold, but now an Alliance fan, so gold and silver.


    I got an alliance H1 in gold and silver a very good mouthpiece but after 2 months it s now silver with gold inner cup...all the gold has come off the rim !
  7. jrshimmon

    jrshimmon Member

    Silver, with silver instrument both of which are properly well polished. Looks like the instrument is made out of the Bad Guy from terminator II. Gives the impression it was poured in to your hands.
  8. jrshimmon

    jrshimmon Member

    Forgot to mention otherwise Dark Nickel plate instrument with Gold Mouthpiece looks the Muts! . I personally prefer Silver to play on and more long last than Laquered or gold But I don't think it can offer as brilliant a sound sometimes. But Maybe that is me.
  9. JesTperfect!

    JesTperfect! Member

    Plastic.....because I'm allergic to everything else!
  10. Aussie Tuba

    Aussie Tuba Member

    Have you tried Surgical Stainless ? Meant to be good for people allergic to silver / Brass etc
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  11. Hells Bones

    Hells Bones Active Member

    As long as it works I don't care.
  12. Eddy1234567

    Eddy1234567 Member

    david thornton plays on a denis wick mouthpiece which is black nickle plated, much like the black nickle on the york eminences..know what they are or where to get them?????
  13. Independent Silver Band

    Independent Silver Band Active Member

    My bass trombone mouthpiece is a G & W. Titanium. I find that I have more endurance with this mouthpiece, even though it is very large.
  14. Eddy1234567

    Eddy1234567 Member

    on my euph i play a denis wick 0al silver
    would like it in gold to match all the gold bits on ma instrument tho
  15. brassbandmaestro

    brassbandmaestro Active Member

    I have a Denis Wick 3l. Great mouthpiece!

    You should, I believe, have a corresponding coloured mouthpiece to match.
  16. Phil Green

    Phil Green Supporting Member

    Had my 24AW engraved and 24ct plated in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter in 1996. The mp has been used daily, in and out of a gig bag with lyres, screwdrivers, spare mp's etc and apart from one patch wherer the silver is starting to show through it looks as good as new.

    It looks good and it makes me feel good.
  17. sop 1

    sop 1 Member

    im getting the rim and cup of my warburton 6D gold plated at goldchops,anyone used them b4?
  18. Tubabrian1

    Tubabrian1 New Member

    I'll let you know, just ordered a Wick 2L for tuba and getting the rim and cup this space!
  19. agentorange

    agentorange Member

    I use a gold one, but it's for cosmetic reasons only. I can't actually feel or hear any difference when i'm playing.
  20. yank67

    yank67 Member

    I use a G & W stainles steel. Nice heavy solid mouthpiece! Almost as heavy as my tuba!