Golcar Band MD required

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  1. moty2000

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    Golcar Band

    Conductor Required - We are a small but committed unregistered village band. We enjoy concerts and the occasional contest. We need an enthusiastic conductor; sense of humour a definate asset.If you're looking for a challenge, we could be the band for you

    For more details, please contact our secretary, Judith Maynard on 01484 652538 or email info@golcar band.co.uk
  2. Frontman

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    Tell Judith, I am always willing to come over to take a rehearsal if you need any help.
  3. Columbo

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    As with Dave, I also am willing to help if available. Just PM me.
  4. TubaPete

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    Same here - I'm only over the hill in Meltham and happy to help out.

  5. kate_the_horn

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    Hi, have emailed info@golcar.co.uk to register my interest but not heard anything as of yet! Let me know if you received it as I am very interested.

  6. moty2000

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    golcar band

    We found someone but unfortunately he can't take up the position yet due to an illness in his family. If anyone is available on monday nights who can help short term. if so can you please let me have some contact details so we can discuss what we are looking for at the moment.

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