going to Butlins for the first time. What do your band do?

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  1. Hi
    My band are hoping to go to Butlins for the first time this January. I've received info from the contest which talks about the three days of the festival and the price of three days accommodation.

    Do you have to attend for the three days in order to enter, or do any bands just stay for one night, or even just turn up for day?

    What day is the third section likely to be on?

    Any tips or experience from others who have organised trips to Butlins contest would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Butlins is usually a fantastic weekend.

    All sections have their contests simultaneously on the Saturday and then the Entertainment section for the Championship section is held on the Sunday.

    I don't think you have to be staying on site to be able to enter either.
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    you can do anything you like with regards to staying or just turning up. But, the day passes are extortionate, and if you want to get the 'best' out of the whole weekend :)guiness) I think it's best to stay Friday and Saturday night. The third section is on Saturday (I think) but if you fancy listening to the Champs entertainments then again, I think it's worth staying Saturday night as well.
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    Get absolutely SMASHED!
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    Hell bones, that the best thing you've said... EVER lol!!
  6. Di B

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    All set piece contests are on saturday.

    The champ section entertainment is on Sunday. Its a great way to feed a hangover :)

    There are lots of things going off on site - concert by the last years winning champ band on the friday plus jazz/groups/tribute acts all added into the entertainment.

    To get the most out of the weekend stop on site. Great atmosphere and one of the few contests left where all sections can get together.

    If you dont fancy cooking go half board. The food is ok and you can eat as much as you want.

    If you stop off site. Its over £10 a day to get in and you dont get any evening entertainment. So.... You might as well stay. The number of nights is up to you but most stop fri and sat with the numbers dropping off on the sun.
  7. GJG

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    Two other things to consider:

    1) Not only are the day passes expensive (as others have said), but they are supposed to be restricted, in terms of numbers available. I've not actually heard of anyone turning up to play on the day and being unable to gain admittance, but it could theoretically happen ...

    2) The accomodation costs are a flat rate deal for the weekend. IOW you pay for 3 nights, irrespective of how many nights you stay. We've always travelled up Friday, stayed Friday & Saturday nights, and travelled home Sunday. This year I'm seriously considering staying the full 3 nights and travelling home Monday to make the most of it, subject to approval from Senior Management ... (!) (there is usually a concert Sunday evening as well)
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    Steve, getting smashed?? Never I will be leaving Steve behind, I think he will be having a cup of tea with our MrsDoyle!!
  9. Oi Stella, just 'cos I'm old doesn't mean I can't drink you under the table, its just that I'll pee myself after!
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    Bare in mind that if you are not a resident entrance to the Championship entertainments on the Sunday is not allowed. They did "day passes" last year on the Sunday but it was only for the other facilities - residents get coloured arm bracelets to get in and these are checked.

    Forget the one day visit lark - stay for 3 and enjoy everything that's on offer. It is priced for 3 nights but even if you only stay Friday and Sat it is still good value.
  11. steve butler

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    It's worth staying at least one night for the room swapping opportunities, although having your other half in the band could be a bit of a handicap.
    I of course made sure I was always locked in my room and strapped to the bed by caring band mates, to ensure any mis-behaviour was avoided.
    It is also very important to disregard any instructions forbidding late night drinking the night before the contest! Mr Wilx and I achieved a fair bit of success by adopting this strategy.

    Oh, one final piece of advice Steve, it may be a good idea to warn certain band members to resist the temptation to wear tank tops to the evening disco.
  12. iancwilx

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    I seem to recall you were normally locked up and strapped down AFTER your misbehaviour !!

    Yes, our alcoholic triumphs served as a beacon of irresponsibility to those weak kneed, wimpish wets who so unsuccessfully tried to monitor our pre contest behaviour.
    "Take it steady lads" were the wise words of wisdom from the band boss - "phish" I say !!!!!!!!!!

    Seriously, we did hold back a little bit - I think - did we ? - I can't remember !!!!!

    I do remember that the band were always either first or second prizewinners.

    Good days Mr B.

    - Mr Wilx
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    FATNBALD Member

    I seem to remember last year that bands can just come for the day but no supporters are allowed, playing memebers only and the stick wagger of course
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    Go the whole hog and get the Half Board deal. It's about a £10 more person and you the food is actually quite good. Oh, hang on a mo, that would interfere with drinking time. Forget that :wink:


    Don t bother boozing in butlins,the ale was about 3 quid a pint this year...I went last week and it had gone down to 2.40 but there are several pubs 5 minutes walk in either direction fron Butlins main gate selling all drinks at 1.50 and 1.70.Igo to the beachcomer pub, turn left at butlins main gate, a 5 minute walk ,ale at 170 a pint and bar meals that are massive for about 5 quid. Its a great weekend but its the ale prices thats my main gripe.:guiness:hammer
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    Its not the price thats the trouble, its the quality. Chilled, smooth flow processed, undrinkable cr4p served in a flimsy plastic glass that overflows when you pick it up.
    Why can't these type of venues put on some proper beer. Its one time of the year I wish I was a lager drinker. To be honest we always stock up with bottles of real ale and smuggle them into the entertainment venues.
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    Ah, so THAT's why Strata Brass didn't stay last year!!!! ;)
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    No Kim, they were blissfully unaware of my - err holiday camp activities (or even uncamp activities) :biggrin:

    Whereas Mr Critchlow and some of the Burbage Buxton crew have at least had the odd sample of my alcohol loosened tongue :oops:
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    Errm ... isn't that an oxymoron ... ?
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    The lager's just as bad :(