Going Solo - Carl Saunders (Cornet)

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    Released to coincide with his solo tour of Australia is Going Solo from Carl Saunders accompanied by the Household Troops Band of The Salvation Army.
  2. John Brooks

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    Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
    I received my copy of Going Solo in the mail yesterday and listed to it on my way into Toronto this morning.

    I would recommend this CD to all those who love good cornet playing, who enjoy good musicianship, or who simply enjoy being entertained.

    I won't try to give a technical review, I'll leave that to Peter Bale et al, but here are some comments from "the customer"; one who enjoys and spends a lot of money on CD's (my wife of course says too much money!).

    The CD features no less than 78 minutes 21 seconds of high quality playing, with all but two tracks featuring Carl as soloist. Throughout, Carl is well supported by the Household Troops Band. I found this a pleasure to listen to, with something old, something newer and something very new. Listeners will find that Carl has placed his own impressive mark on these solos. The sleeve notes, mostly written by Carl himself, are well done and very informative.

    Listening to The Amazing Mr. Leidzen, I was reminded of the story often recounted by both Erik Leidzen and "Billy" Parkins, later Commissioner William Parkins. In his day, William Parkins was a renowned cornet soloist. He was performing a solo, conducted by Mr. Leidzen, and slipped in "something extra", not on the score. Leidzen abrubtly stopped the band, admonished Parkins on the spot and told him to apologise to the audience; which he did. In this solo, and throughout the CD, Carl makes a number of "minor adjustments". Leidzen and others might not like it but for me it demonstrates the flair and individual personality of the soloist.

    Another item that sent me down memory lane is Heavenly Light. I first heard this a number of years ago when a young Douglas Court Jr. performed it extremely well with the Hamilton Temple Band in Hamilton Place. I've often wondered why this solo is not heard more often and, in his notes, Carl provides part of the answer. For some reason this has never been published; I think you'll agree that it's a pity and is worth hearing.

    Jubilate is a solo linked permanently with the name of Norman Tolliday. People in this area still recall the ISB performing in the Massey Hall, Toronto when Norman stepped out from the 5th chair position to play this. That was some 40-50 years ago and people still talk about it.

    I don't know how Carl's visit to Australia was received but, on the evidence of this CD, I imagine it will be something like that ISB/Tolliday performance, they'll be talking about it for a good few years to come.

    Thanks Carl and all involved in the production.
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    This bit pf programming is a bit puzzling to me. This is a fine recording, and Carl's playing is excellent. But why lengthen the CD by adding a couple of things featuring just the band?

    The two pieces that are not solos are about 10 minutes of time - would a 68-minute recording have been too short? I don't think so, and I note that Alexandra Kerwin's solo CD is 70:27 running time, without any non-solo bits included.

    That said, this is a minor thing. Going Solo is a fine recording and I urge anyone who appreciates excellent cornet playing to purchase a copy. :)
  4. j450rd

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    I would have to agree with the posted comments about Carl's CD, superb playing indeed.
    I played with the Troops on that recording and to sit 3 feet away from Carl while he ran through some extremley difficult passages and cadenza's was fantastic! It struck me how much stamina a player must have to record a solo cd - all but two of the solos were recorded in a few hours spread over two days, going through the hard bits again and again; much harder I think that rattling once down a solo half way through a concert!

    I have to say I liked 'Questions' quite a bit, one I'd not heard before, has anyone else recorded it?

    A Happy New Year to one and all.
  5. John Brooks

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    Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
    Does anyone have information re Carl's Australian Tour? I've tried but can't find any reference to it. Does anyone know where he played and how he was received?
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