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  1. alanl58

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    Does anyone have a definitive list of all of Goff's arrangements? A simple Google search did not come up with a comprehensive list.... Or can you point me to a website listing them?

    Why? well we want to purchase a piece suitable for both brass and (dare I mention it here?) wind band, in memory of a treasured cornet player who has just passed away. We felt that Goff Richards work was as close to home as we could get...

    Alan Lafferty
  2. Naomi McFadyen

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    Not sure if they'll be one full list of Goff's music on the net as he's with several publishers (I've just searched myself)... You'll have to do ya research, Google it, and look at the various publishers he's with... Max Music, Studio Music, Obrasso, Jagrins, Castle Music etc etc...

    maybe ibew will have some sort of list?
    EDIT: this is whats listed on ibew.... of course, if you listed every piece Goff's composed/arranged then it'll be a heck of a long list! :lol:

    Barnard Castle
    Brass Ablaze
    Brass Band Blues
    Calling Cornwall
    Confections for Brass
    Cross Patonce
    Exploding Brass
    Fanfare for a New Age
    Golden Lady
    Homage To The Noble Grape
    One Day
    Romantic Intelude II
    Royal Duchy
    Russky Percussky
    Saddleworth Festival Overture
    Shepherd's Song
    Spirit of Youth
    Stage Centre
    Taylor Made
    Three Saints
    Zimba Zamba
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  3. TubaBee

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    Rock Music I
    Rock Music III
  4. tubafran

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    Not included above

    All Creatures Great & Small

    City Cruiser
    Continental Caprice
    Country Scene
    Disney Fantasy
    Elvira Madigan Theme
    Elvis Rocks
    Flintstones, Meet the
    Gymnopodie No 1
    I Will Follow Him
    James Bond Collection
    Jellicle Ball
    Lets Face the Music & Dance
    Light as Air
    Old Gumbie Cat
    Over the Rainbow
    Puttin' on the Ritz
    Simple Gifts
    Sir Duke
    Songs of the Quay
    Strike Up The Band
    Theres No Business Like Show Business
    Tritsch-Tratsch Polka
    Tzena Tzena Tzena
  5. samandy

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    A few more to add to the list

    New York, New York
    James Bond collection
    The Pink Panther
    Sir Duke
    Breezin down broadway
    Disney Fantasy
  6. alanl58

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    Thanks everyone!


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