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    Gloucester Excelsior (4th section, South West) - Cornets Wanted

    Edit: for current vacancies and contact details see most recent posts
    Gloucester Excelsior Band are looking to recruit new players for various vacancies in our Cornet department. Specifically back row (2nd and 3rd) with opportunities to progress through the section.
    We are an occasionally competing fourth section band. Our focus is on the enjoyment of playing rather than competing, and as a result we have a friendly, low-pressure atmosphere. All abilities and ages welcome (we currently range from 12 to 87 years of age!). We rehearse in Hucclecote on Friday evenings. Contact Alec Prior, Chairman (07880 601624 or PM from this message) or Sue Mills, MD (01242 255703) for more details.
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    As an update to my previous post:

    We've now got a number of additional vacancies in the band. We lose 5 players to university this September, so have vacancies for the following:

    Soprano Cornet
    Solo Cornet
    2nd+3rd Cornet
    1st Baritone

    Even if your seat isn't on our vacancies list, you'll be most welcome.

    We have a number of instruments available if you don't have your own.

    If you're interested then please call me (Alec) on 07880 601 624, or our MD (Sue) on 01242 255 703.
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    Hi Alec

    Do you have a link to a band website for people to have a look at? often that can help in recruiting

    Good luck with your search

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    Found it on the G.B.B.A site.
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    Evening all,

    We have a number of vacancies here at Gloucester. We're an occasionally contesting fourth section band. We have vacancies in most sections but are most in need of Cornets (front and back row).

    We had five players leave for University last September, which has resulted in these vacancies.

    We rehearse on Friday evenings in Hucclecote, and don't have a hugely strenuous programme over the year. We have around ten jobs booked over the summer already and are usually busy over Christmas, enough to keep working for but no so much that it takes every weekend of your life away.

    Any player is welcome, be it a beginner looking for experience in a friendly environment or an experienced player looking to make their mark on a band.

    We have most instruments available to borrow if you require.

    If you're interested and want some more info and a chat then call either me (Alec Prior, 1st Trom and Chairman) on 07880 601624, or our MD (Sue Mills) on 01242 255703, or just turn up at Pineholt Hall at half 7 on a friday and give us a try!

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    Hello again everyone!

    Sop and baritone seats now filled. However we still have vacancies for front and back row cornets. We have an empty seat on bass trombone we're looking to fill, but alternatively I could move to fill this if we can find a 1st trombone instead.

    Essentially, if you turn up with anything other than Eb horn (we have 5 already), we'll be really happy to see you!

    Contact numbers as above, alternatively you can contact us through the website on
  7. agent006

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    Hello, me again!

    Vacancies are still as above. We've gained a rep but our Principal cornet is off to university in September. Any cornets will be most welcome.

    1st and/or Bass trombone required too.
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    Hello all.

    Following a successful local campaign, we've filled a number of vacancies. However we are still in need of Cornet players; especially back row (including Sop).

    If you fancy coming along and trying out our unique New Band Layout(TM), then get in contact via our website, or call Jen on 07826 290216

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