Glossop Old Band's First CD released!!

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    Glossop Old Band are delighted to announce the release of their first ever CD, "Anything Goes!".
    Recorded in late Summer this year by KMJ Recordings the programme is typical of a Glossop band concert featuring mainly light music to suit most people's taste.
    The recording also features a world premier in Peter Meechan's atmospheric Soprano solo "These Mist Covered mountains", commissioned especially for the soloist Mandy Crowther.
    The cover picture of the CD is a portrait of the Band performing a concert in our own bandroom and was painted by a local artist Vaughan Parker. The original painting (which is 8 x 6 feet) can be seen hanging on the wall in the bandroom on Wood Street (and features on the homepage of our website,
    The production of this CD was made possible through the generosity of the estate of James Alexander Cant, for many years Secretary and Treasurer of the Glossop Old Band. His family derived much pleasure from their participation in the Brass Band family and this was his way of repaying the debt.
    The family of Mr. Derek Bowd (deceased) added their own contribution.
    To obtain a copy of the CD please send a mail to

    Track List:
    01. O.R.B. CharlesAnderson (4’ 48”)
    02. March - Folk Songs from Somerset R. Vaughan Williams
    (from “English Folk Song Suite”) arr. Frank Wright (3’ 55”)
    03. Satchmo Baker, Arr. Morrison (4’ 11”)
    Cornet: Dave Richardson
    04. God Be With You Till We Meet Again Tomer, Arr. Richards (2’ 26”)
    05. Bill Bailey Hughie Cannon, Arr. Richards (4’ 47”)
    06. These Mist Covered Mountains Peter Meechan (3’ 33”)
    Soprano Cornet: Mandy Crowther
    Commissioned for the Soloist by Keith Johnson
    07. Anything Goes! Porter, Arr. Fernie (2’ 13”)
    08. Carmen Fantasy Gordon Langford (6’ 15”)
    09. Eleanor Rigby Lennon / McCartney, Arr. Fernie (2’ 47”)
    10. Chanson Trevaux John Golland (3’ 28”)
    11. Streets of London McTell, Arr. Ashmore (4’ 19”)
    Tenor Horn: Stuart Wilkinson
    12. Darktown Strutters’ Ball Brooks, Arr. Gerald Morris (2’ 44”)
    13. In Perfect Peace Kenneth Downie (3’ 59”)
    14. Sweet Georgia Brown Pinkard, Case & Bernie, Arr. Richards (3’ 32”)
    15. Finale from “Pineapple Poll” Sullivan / Mackerras, Arr. Brand (2’ 29”)
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    That'll be this picture then...

    Incidentally, These Mist Covered Mountains is now available to all from Pete's website at the bottom of HERE. It makes a refreshing change from the norm and I'm indebted to him for writing it.

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    Just send an email - no money required ??? :eek:

    Best of luck with the cd, but it might be an idea to let us know how much it will cost ;)
  4. KMJ Recordings

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    AFAIK, they're not doing a Radiohead ;)

    £10 + p&p I think.
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    I originally posted this as a "News" item rather than a classified advert. The cost of the CD was missed out intentionally, as I didn't want to look like we were using the item as a blatant sales pitch, which it wasn't.
    But, as you asked:) £10 plus p + p.

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