Globe sovereign tenor horn

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by mrsb, Oct 13, 2011.

  1. mrsb

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    I have a lovely tenor horn that I'm thinking about selling. It's approx thirty years old. It has been loved, cherished and played all over the world. Really I was just wondering if the globe model is still in demand as it used to be? what is the going rate for a horn of this calibre these days? Any advice anybody? It's in great condition. A small repair needed to a connecting bar, third valve slide. Approx £20 job I believe.
    All advice welcome!
  2. Rapier

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    In top condition I'd guess at £700-£900, but I've seen them go for £450 too. Bit of a lottery in the curent climate.
  3. roger 10

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  4. mrsb

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    I am just near Rochdale. Greater Manchester. I can take some pictures and get the Serial number and upload tmrw if you would like a look at the condition etc.
  5. roger 10

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    Thanks I'd appreciate that,then I can show them to the powers that be and see what they think. Either upload or email me
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