Globe Sov 921 Cornet - £600

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Thornybank, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. Thornybank

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    Serial 921-693648, so 1983.
    Doubel trigger in lacquer.
    Cosemtics: some lacquer age stuff, but only a couple of tiny dinks.
    Looks sharp from 2ft away.
    Good valve action, lively sound.
    Orig brown case in good nick.

    Priced it at £600 inc 'standard' UK post.
    Hope that's not too cheap for a 'used but not abused'?
    May take a p/x.

    Happy to send pics if you give us your email address.


  2. dhanimiller

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    I have a friend who's interested, could you please email him at:
    I think you may have a buyer here!
  3. Thornybank

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    Cheers for that.
    Emailed him with an offer of pictures 'n info.
  4. Thornybank

    Thornybank Member

    Pictures sent - and available to others on request.
  5. Thornybank

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    Still here