Glastonbury Festival.

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by The Eggman, May 5, 2007.

  1. The Eggman

    The Eggman Member

    Is anyone going ? I am and usually watch Yeovil band from the front rail ,it's the only time you can get to the front !!
    If anyone fancies a meet up and maybe a pint let me know before the event .
    What do you think of the line up so far , a bit weak i m h o.
  2. Andy Cooper

    Andy Cooper Member

    Im going - well at least as far as that nice Mr Eavis chap has taken £314 out of my bank account for two tickets and a carpark pass!!

    Im something of a Glasto veteran but never yet managed to drag myself down to the pyramid stage for 11am on a Sunday morning to watch Yeovil play though, as Im usually still in the sleeping bag. Always up for a pint though and if you are looking for a suitable meet up venue for TMP Glasto the cider bus is the obvious venue, though the real ale bar by the accoustic stage is usually another good place.

    IMHO the line up is poor this year though looking forward to seeing The Killers, but as always with Glasto its the bands you come across by chance on obscure stages that makes it for me (robert plant palying an accoustic set in the afternoon in 2000) and Yes (seeing your avatar) playing the jazz world stage in 2003 (perhaps the best headlining year theres ever been - REM, Radiohead, Moby),

    Cant wait though - we will be pitching up on the Wednesday
  3. The Eggman

    The Eggman Member

    Heeeyyy a BBb bass player too
    I'm a "vet" and yes were good as always in 93
    Cider bus is cool so is acoustic beer tent , Why not both ?
    Must agree its a bit of a let down in line up terms this year but the Who are on and thats enough for me.
    See ya there then
    Are you doin Whit fridays? I'm playin with Farndon this year cos i left Normid a couple of years ago .
  4. AndyCat

    AndyCat Active Member

    My BBb partner at band is playing with his band The Earlies. He plays percussion, trombone and BBb with them! They're on 2 stages I think, they did it last year as well.
  5. Andy Cooper

    Andy Cooper Member

    So is Glastonbury becoming a bass players domain then!

    I should be out with Greenfield on whit friday all things being equal but as ive missed the last 3 and a half weeks rehearsals as ive been in New Zealand, Im not sure if my seats still there lol!
  6. DesignNotes

    DesignNotes New Member

    Will be there working, and enjoying the festival!

    Looking forward to this year to be honest, hopefully discover some more gems I'd never heard of.


    p.s a pint a 11am >.<, sounds like its gotta be done!
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