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    My name is Gillian Hibberd and with my husband, I have enjoyed listening to brass and military band music for nearly 40 years. At present I am doing post-graduate research for my Masters Degree. For my dissertation I have chosen to investigate and analyse the current and future role of the brass band movement in the culture of Britain. I am researching how deindustrialisation, technological advances, gender, and the pressures of life have affected British Brass Bands, together with an examination of what the future might hold for the movement. I feel this is of great relevance to the movement. I need the urgent assistance of past or present band members and enthusiasts who are willing to let me have information and views. If you are interested in helping me I would be extremely grateful if you could visit my web site , have a look at the questionnaire, copy and paste it into a word processor or email programme, add your comments and email it to me at If you need any further information, I can be contacted through the internal mail here.

    Also I would be very grateful if you could print out the poster available at my website, and display it in your bandroom or other appropriate place, so that as many people as possible are encouraged to participate, not just those with internet access.

    I appreciate that you must all have a very busy schedule at this time of year but any help that you or any fellow enthusiasts can give me would be very much appreciated. So far I have had a really wonderful response both in terms of quantity and quality, but there is still time for YOUR input as I want to canvass opinions from as wide a range of people as possible.

    Like many people who begin with little knowledge of the history of British brass banding, I am finding it a fascinating and addictive topic. Thank you all for the very real pleasure all involved in banding give to the listening public and to the warm welcome we have had from the events we have been to in the course of my research.

    Many thanks in advance for your help and happy banding! ;) :clap: :tup

    Gillian Hibberd
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    :hi to tMP, Gillian.

    Good luck with your research. I encourage you to add your site to the tMP Links Directory.