Giddings & Webster 'Williwaw Lite' Tuba mp in Euro Shank

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    Hi all,

    I tried out a few mouthpieces after losing mine a few weeks ago, and have settled on a Doug Elliot. Close second was this - the Giddings and Webster Stainless Steel Williwaw model. Now, it's still within the trial period, so I could just send it back to G&W, but I thought I would offer it here for anyone who wants to try one - consider it as buying it direct from the maker, but with no import charges (as I've already paid them...)

    The G&W website says: Williwaw tuba mouthpieceThis is a medium large size CC/BBb tuba mouthpiece a good choice for most bands, and orchestras. This mouthpiece is great for instrumentalists who play often and are looking for something with more core to add to their ensembles. The Williwaw is designed like a larger Helleberg with a deep funnel cup. Rim is 1.28 and the throat is .325 in diameter, deep funnel shape cup. Williwaw: A sudden blast of wind descending from a mountainous coast the sea, in the Strait of Magellan or the Aleutian Islands.

    So, if anyone is interested, I'll let it go for £100 + £5 P&P - they're £135 delivered usually, with import charges of £28.60. At the moment they're about £110 delivered, with the import charge extra, so you're saving a good amount of cash. If nobody's interested, I'll just send it back to G&W. It's good for EEb or BBb, and like I said, it's in mint, as new condition - not even any insertion marks yet.

    Any questions, let me know.

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    Here's a few pics if anyone's interested...
    Williwaw Euro Side.jpg Williwaw Euro Side.jpg Williwaw & Case.jpg Williwaw Shank.JPG Williwaw Rim.JPG

    I'll drop the price to £95 all in, or let me know if you've got any good swaps! If not, it'll go back to G&W on Monday.