Getzen Soprano Repair Advice / Valuation

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by wrightsonm, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. wrightsonm

    wrightsonm New Member

    I have a new (well new to me) Getzen Soprano (the long model). It has quite a bit of work need doing to it:

    1 & 3rd valve slides are stuck
    3rd valve slide needs a new finger loop hole
    lyre attachment mounting missing
    dent in the 2nd valve slide

    It could also do with replating as the silver plate in places has completely worn away.

    Firstly, how much would this instrument be if it was fully restored?
    Secondly, how much would a replate be / all the work cost?
    Thirdly where would I go ?? (i'm based in the York area)

    I would very much like to have the instrument restored to its former glory, but if the instrument will still only be worth £100 or so at the end of it, is it really worth the expense?


  2. shawneuph

    shawneuph Supporting Member

    full overhaul including new parts all dents removed, instrument stripped and replated would be £260 + Vat and would then look like new
    regards Shawn
  3. markneukirchen

    markneukirchen New Member

    Hi Mark,

    You should call 'Mr Tuba'
    he overhauled my Schilke soprano a few months ago,
    ''The Best job ever''

    Now ''looks like New''.

    A real craftsman.

    Good Luck,
  4. wrightsonm

    wrightsonm New Member

    How much is a good condition Getzen Eterna worth?

    Would it be a similar cost to have the instrument in silver but then have the slides in lacquer or black nickel?

    IMHO black nickel slides look extremely smart on an instrument!

  5. jrshimmon

    jrshimmon Member

    I play a similar Getzen sop. Dawkes music are the main dealers for Getzen in UK from looking at the Getzen site I know they have a repair division as well and they have Getzen spares in stock.

    I am unsure however if all the Getzen parts for Sop are in stock and if so if they will fit. In the late 80's/early 90's Getzen nearly went out of business and was saved by the family buying the company back from some guy who had bought the brand in the 70's. My sop dates from the 70's although it appears very little is different in the design between my model and their current offering it appears they stoped making sops during the 80's some time and only re-started in the last 10 years or so.

    There is a Getzen history page on their site. It's pretty dry stuff but it specifically mentions them putting the sop back in production.

    Hope you can get it fixed up they really are an unusual looking thing and about the biggest Sop I've have seen.

    I noticed a Danish guy is trying to sell a near mint one of Ebay for £400 buy it now. That may give you an idea of the value of it. If it sells.
  6. wrightsonm

    wrightsonm New Member

    I had a look at the Dawkes website, & spoke to the repairs dept but the Brass guy wasn't in. Is it possible to date the instrument by serial number?

    The serial of this one is SK32381

    What is the general consensus on black nickel plated slides?
  7. tubadaz

    tubadaz Member

    According to this site, SK32381 was made sometime during 1976-1979.

  8. wrightsonm

    wrightsonm New Member

    Cheers Daz, fancy seeing you on here!!! haha
    What do you reckon to black nickel on the slides?
  9. tubadaz

    tubadaz Member

    Hmm! Black Nickel? :sup

    Works quite nicely with silver plate, especially one of the softer "brushed satin" finishes.

  10. wrightsonm

    wrightsonm New Member

    Yeah - it looks quite smart with nickel highlights!