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    I have a Getzen Custom 3062AFR Bass Trombone which I am very reluctantly selling. I bought it brand new in August 2005 but have only used it about 6 times since November 2008 as I have moved permanantly onto baritone. This instrument really is too good to have it sit idle in my office - I'd rather someone was playing it and enjoying it as much as I did!

    The instrument is in top notch condition. I have had it regularly serviced at Mick Rath's, and have maintained it carefully since the day I bought it. There are no dents anywhere other than a small ding on the crook of the slide next to the water key. The slide is really smooth and the valve action is better and quieter than any I have felt on any other instrument.

    The spec is:

    Bore Size: .562"/.578" dual bore, with the three interchangable lead pipes
    Tuning Slide: Yellow brass bow
    Handslide: Hand straightened nickel silver inside tubes
    (chrome plated with barrel shaped stockings)
    Yellow brass outside tubes with nickel silver end crook and oversleeves
    9 ½", 21 gauge red brass with soldered rim
    Finish: Clear lacquer or bright silver plate
    Valves: Independent, open wrap F/Gb/D attachment
    2 axial flow valves
    Mouthpiece(s): Dennis Wick 2NAL/0AL

    It has a Getzen hard case, which I haven't used since the day I bought it as I preferred a gig bag. I will also include the black and silver Advanced GIG bag which I got for £110.

    This instrument is retailing at £4,029 at Dawkes Music in London where I bought it originally. I am selling it for £2,200 but will consider any very near offers.

    PM any further questions or requests for photographs.

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    This instrument will be going onto eBay next week - last chance folks!
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    Ok, I didn't get round to putting this onto ebay!

    Price has now been reduced for a quick sale to £1500. PM me for details!
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    Thank you for all the interest - instrument has now been sold. Apologies for not getting back to everyone personally. x



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